Neil Oliver Wakes Up With Dr Tess Lawrie – Full Episode #1

When the Covid 19 storm broke Dr Tess Lawrie immediately knew something was wrong – in the first episode of his new series Neil hears her story, the scientist who questioned Covid.

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Written by Neil Oliver


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  1. Myself 59 and my girlfriend 50 refused all of the shots. Family fell out with us. Some people in our village shook their heads in disgust. Several neighbours stopped talking to us. Comments like if you refuse the injection and catch Covid you shouldn't be treated. Definitely brought the true colours out in many people. We've had a bit of a kicking from Delta August 2022 and BA.5 a month ago was a breeze. Rough for 3-4 days. So far we've made the right choice. Just checked my strava and 13,806 miles have been covered on the pedal bikes. 4000iu vit D / day along with healthy diet zinc and vit k. Surround yourself with like minded people too.

  2. "It was not about health at all it was about being medicated"… only by injection of experimental products in spite of the unknown or known lethal side effects. We have been made guinea pigs and never given the possibility to be treated by known safe molecules that work! It was and it is deliberate!… 😡😡😨😨😱😱

  3. Glad she said most of the science is rubbish
    Don't feel so crazy now I hear it coming from some1 who has more knowledge on the plan demic
    It was so easy to see
    But I was the loonball
    Thanks for this video Neil
    This should be on mainstream media
    common sense will win this war

  4. Quote from Charles MacKay 1814–1889;
    Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.

  5. There's an old saying that "war is good for business, you just need an enemy" So along comes covid19 then Russia invades Ukraine and China threatens Taiwan.
    To cap it all we in the UK might get Truss or the plastic man as our prime minister 😱 I must admit I am a cynic 😁

  6. President Trump spoke in support of using existing drugs only to be ridiculed. Well, the truth really is coming out now. Great Interview Neil and a great Guest to interview.

  7. Shocked me that the most intelligent peeps, I know, totally believed the bs but us life-long, risk-taking & resilient ones didn't. Never heard "move more, eat less" or take extra vit D, almost as if they wanted us even more unhealthy & blame us, not the gov. Malevolent use of fear to control people, pure evil!

  8. Wow !
    Such positive and powerful words from 2 positive souls .I Am are the 2 most powerful words and as Neil says I / we are sovereign!and
    Please say to yourself I am surrounded with unconditional love and light..
    Thank you Tess and Neil ❤️🙏
    I am sending Reiki to you and all those awakening ❤️🙏

  9. Very good like usual. Is there anybody out there who can come up with solutions to empower people to use less and less hospitals
    and medications. We dont have enough doctors, enough nurses and so on…. so why not looking into it. We have giving the powers
    over our bodies to professionals who are no longer availanle to help us. May be that will be the solution. It seems to me that we
    have more and more diseases, more and more interventions, more médications. Just to pay attention to what the research is all about.

  10. Thank you.
    I think a lot of people are still unaware og AI and transhumanism. Also think that many of them would refuse to go in that direction if they did

  11. Excellent talk Neil, Tess seems a lovely woman. I have given up hope with a lot of people and the medical profession in general, when good people like Tess are being cancelled you know that there is something going on that isn't going to end well for any of us. Fortunately for me at 70 I'm past caring about what people think, but i do feel sorry for the younger generation and what kind of life they will have, if any.

  12. A first thought is that I like when two minds are interacting and sparking each other rather than having Neil interview Tess, fascinating woman that she is. The higher truth is relational and comes even more alive with the two of you. Exploring what's emerging in the moment, which is where the awakening has to be.

  13. I'm in America, and I wouldn't be listening to you if it wasn't for the internet. I listen to people in Canada and Japan and all sorts of places I wouldn't know about if it wasn't for Modern media. So there's an irony to your message, You should also know that the word "woke" in America is a political term for people that you probably don't agree with.

  14. Excellent final comment, bring on the rebirth, it is possible, there are enough good people and its long overdue. Thank you for your bravery and honesty Dr.
    More and more people are questioning

  15. I feel so sick that I've had all the doses (I'm 78) but everything about the vaccines went against what I believed, I have been into natural health and healing for the last 50 years! But I felt I had to go ahead with these recommendations as my partner who is 80 and has a heart problem might have been at risk! There is no going back but I will not have another booster no matter what!!!

  16. Oh Neil you are so right wherever I go I see people with their phones on and not aware of where they are going. They may be out in the countryside for a walk! Or they are pushing a pram with no interaction with their child! It is very troubling to me how much they are missing.

  17. Many thanks to you both for this uplifting content and an affirmation of what I truly believe deep down in my bones. I was one caught up in the fear at first and took the first 2 vaccines to keep my job in health care but no more. I believe people stay the course because they are afraid, deeply so…..we have trusted our politicians and medical professionals for so long and to move off in any other direction is very scary to many. The road ahead is dark and frightening and I pray the universe keeps good folks like yourselves safe while you speak out about the travesty that is our reality at present.

  18. 'It's not about health, it's about being medicated' – exactly so. My GP surgery here in Scotland locked its doors in March 2020 and those doors are still locked. The NHS is lost.

  19. Neil, it's always so lovely to listen to your calming voice in these days when I feel like I am going crazy.
    I love your insight to invite Dr Tess Lawrie on for interview. What a brilliant interview! It's like catalyst experiment.
    An amazing insight into the scientific world spoken with a knowledge of higher philosophical questions.Absolutely uplifting in these days when I have felt so down about all those asleep.
    I have shared this video. I prefer the longer version. I hope everybody else who feels uplifted shares too. 🐓

  20. Sorry Neil you've been well & truly sucked into the Qanon rabbit hole.
    As a scientist, an Archeologist, I'd have thought you'd know better than to swallow the crazy pills.
    I've also noticed a decline in the quality of your mainstream historical content, too many repetitions, did you loose your TV contracts? ,At least TV provided a good editor, which is what you need now.
    So I'm unsubscribing

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