Net Zero green policy caused Europe’s energy crisis and is helping Putin – it is destroying the West

Green lobbyists and how their shortsighted, idealistic policies pushed Western Europe into the current energy crisis and left us reliant on Putin for fuel – a weakness that Putin has exploited by cutting off gas to countries that support Ukraine. High fuel prices also mean Putin is getting tons of cash to finance his war.
But instead of apologising, green dickwads are STILL harassing regular people – this week they were smashing up a petrol station.

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Producer – Pamela Loetterle

Written by Leo Kearse


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  1. An avocado shipwreck could be devastating, leading to guacamole toast shortages all around North West London. Over a decade ago, a similar loss of a container ship carrying vast amounts of taramosalata and humus from Greece occurred, which some experts believe initiated the 2008 double-dip recession.

  2. Biggest idiocy is trying to reduce our oil consumption by reducing our own production. Oil is internationally traded so if we still buy the stuff we just buy it from elsewhere. UK oil production is down 70 per cent from 20years ago, this has had no impact on our consumption, we didn't downsize our cars, we did the opposite.

  3. As I approach my 70th birthday I have seen so many “we’re all gonna die” scares by freezing, drowning, burning, poisoning etc. and we are still here and will still be here. The idea that human activity can destroy the planet is laughable. Let these green loonies get their way and it will be the poor and the vulnerable who will suffer: but then isn’t that their objective?

  4. These environmentally ill protesters are footsoldiers pushing the official net zero agenda and narrative (egged on by the same global cabal seeking to profiteer from our misery from now til forevermore) while thinking they're rebels "fighting The Man". Idiots.

  5. my mate owns a petrol station and some of these fuckwits tried to have a go at his place . fuckers really chose the wrong place. he grabbed one of them and told them to Fuck Off . they wouldn't, big mistake. they said the police would protect them . he said it will take at least 10 mins for them to arrive in which time he would personally break there fucking legs and would be happy to be arrested and would wait for them to come. they fucking run .

  6. The key phase there was; "they want to stop US from travelling", not them, when they they fly first class to climate meetings or festivals, such as Glastonbury. Which you covered brilliantly, in a recent video.

  7. Russia invading Ukraine is not the cause of price increases, it's our collective refusal to use Russian Gas and Oil, effectively reducing supply hence price increases – stop the sanctions!

  8. Net zero costs to UK do not make the slightest difference to the world when China and India are increasing their use of fossil fuels. The lack of criticism of Russia, India and China by the UK Greens suggests that Leo may be correct that they are being funded by Russia and China.

  9. Whether consciously or unconsciously these green loonies seek the demise of the West; I've said for years that Angela Merkel was a communist plant based on little more than the fact that she came from East Germany and looked like Rosa Klebb, the poisoned shoe dwarf villain from the old Bond movie From Russia with Love. It now looks as though I may have been right-she certainly couldn't have done a better job on Germany…and its odd she retired just before the Gnome from the Domes launched his war

  10. Honestly if some hairy soy boy and a Judith came to my place of work and tried to damage my livelihood I would absolutely use the minimum force necessary to take their tools away, if perchance I accidently elbowed them very hard in the face while performing such actions this would be regrettable. It would also be a shame if the CCTV was accidently switched off at the time.

  11. Well said. The environmentalist alarmists and Green extremists would have us all permanently under the jack boot of austerity, on vegan diets and not allowed to travel unless on foot or bicycle. They'd love that. A greentopia along the lines of the darkest days living in the Soviet Union—everyone poor, cold and hungry, and add to that the compulsory wearing of hair shirts and cilices.

    Truth is, the energy crisis is caused by Green policies and the fantasy and ultimate virtue signal of Net Zero 2050. The tyranny of Net Zero is palpable. It trumps everything. It's a stick used by the government, sinister elites such as George Monbiot and 'activists' (mentalists) to beat anyone with who dares to suggest that the threat from climate change is not existential and requires a more thoughtful, considered and pragmatic approach than silly deadlines and smashing stuff up.

  12. You should stick to the comedy, you're more qualified on than that than you are energy policy. In the UK we don't depend on Russian energy. Not there yet… but you might be turning into the right wing Nish… which would break my heart.

  13. You have hit the nail on the head here. The eco campaigners are just communists using climate campaigns to try to justify some sort of silly communist revolution.

    The world is predicted to warm by a fraction of one degree between now and 2100. The difference between a cool year and a warm year is 1.2 degrees. Clearly the climate change being predicted is nothing to worry about. It certainly isn't going to kill off the human race.

  14. a couple of quids worth of 4star scooshed on their pants would soon have them out of there, I forgot shite disnae burn. Thanks very the heads up about Frank Sanatzi he's brilliant by the way.

  15. Big fan Leo but wtf? I'm missing the humour element pal. Plus, you had me watch a video of Trump, which is hard to stomach- even if I agree with his point. Hardly an oracle of international politics though.

    I mean, you could have quoted Gaia theorist and former CND guy James Lovelock (d. July 2022) who embraced the need for nuclear 20 years ago. An amazing volte face. That the Greens in Germany screwed up their nuclear policy and that Schröder sucked Putin's balls to get the gas flowing…
    But that's not funny either.

    Dunny fret, I'm subscribed and will catch the next one.

  16. The green activists aren't being directed by Russia. For a start, Russia just isn't that clever; Stalin killed anyone with any thinking skills, so they're just left with the descendants of peasants. Secondly, the marxist green fellow travellers aren't even useful idiots. They are just idiots. They just want to protest. It doesn't matter to them if it makes sense; they've shown "the establishment" that they're not to be messed with.
    Lock them up.

  17. The price of oil didn't go up because Russia invaded Ukraine, the price went up because numpties went and put sanctions on Russia and think it's a good idea WE pay more for oil. Along with the billions in aid and weapons we've sent. All those people with little blue and yellow flags in the bio need to own this when they start pulling frozen kids and granies out of their homes this winter.

  18. 4:20 can anyone name the grinning morons from the german delegation who scoffed at trump warning. I would like to ask them "are you laughing now, and why shouldn't you be fired for the lack of critical thinking??"

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