Netball “Goes woke, Goes Broke”

#netball #auspol #heisesays
Gina did nothing wrong.


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  1. Haha. Gina has gained more support by not sponsoring than by sponsoring this sport.

    For interest sake – has anyone ever watched a netball game that their daughter wasn't playing in?

  2. Cancel culture gone crazy, right!?!? Gina Rinehart got her feelings hurt by the mere suggestion that players wanted to have a discussion, so she had a tantrum and cancelled the contract! What a snowflake!

  3. Good on them, Gina is no better than her old man. It’s odd you need to ignore this just so you can attack common decency (which you continually dog whistle by referring to a wokism).

  4. No problem there. Tony Mundine is going to prop them up with a $15 million donation. He has even teamed up with Lidia Thorpe to use their mouths as the goal hoops. They are both big enough.

  5. "We were prepared to wear the logo", "We do'nt need to wear the logo vs England for 3 games", "We did'nt want the deal to fall off the table".

    You can't contradict yourself in statements, drag someone's name and company through the mud and then say, well we didn't want the deal to fall off the table. No one has said you wanted the deal to fall off the table. You just don't get that insulting someone that is trying to save you is not a good business move. I hate Swimming Australia and Aussie swimming with how they conduct themselves (this is just my own opinion on Aussie swimming) but when Gina came in to help them out, they were very grateful and thanked Gina in all their interviews and even said that Gina deserves a part of the medals they won because without her sponsorship, they wouldn't be able to train or attend events.

    I actually liked watching the netball games yrs ago when the kiwi teams were still part of the league but they ended up taking it off free to air so I couldn't watch anymore. I guess I know why that happened now!

  6. I don't understand why they're offended by what he said when what he said never actually happened.
    If it did then I would agree with the netballer 100%
    But it didn't so why get upset over it…

  7. Yawn! even with the simplest of reading of the non-murdoch media would have told you that netball australia bypassed another sponsorship offer of a similar amount to get the hancock dollars, so presumably that will be announced soon as the 'new' sponsorship.

  8. I don't think Gina was really worried about the logo on the uniforms. She probably realised that she was giving money to people who were more than willing to bad mouth her company at any opportunity.

  9. Lang Hancock was born in 1909 and was 75 when he made those terrible comments. He even called Gina his "Fat, useless daughter" in public and they often fought. He was a loose unit even by the standards of the day. Sometimes you have to leave the past in the past and live in the present.

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