Netflix CANS ‘Anti-Racist’ Baby, Other Woke Projects | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar discuss the reasons why Netflix has cancelled the ‘anti racist’ baby project and other expensive, woke content now that they company is losing money

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  1. Antiracism is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. You're either racist or your not… and when people say they're colorblind it doesn't mean they literally don't see your skin color…. the point is you don't care about what color someone is, you treat everyone the same. Why must EVERYTHING be spun and twisted and made into shit completely opposite what it actually means.

  2. Who remembers when Kendhi accidentally exposed his whole nonsense ideology by posting that white kids are lying about their race on the college/job applications in order to have a better chance at getting in. Why would they do it Kendhi? Unless perhaps there is an advantage in many places where affirmative action is in place. Kendhi is a hack race grifter and he knows it.

  3. yeah it's obviously a sign of admission that wokism lost them users and money. nothing clarifies the mind like the bottom line.

  4. Krystal, the real lesson is leftism is poison and a small portion of the population actually like it.
    It's no different than when the GOP thought pushing a Christian Theocratic society with the Moral Majority was a great idea. It can flash for a moment but ultimately fails.

  5. Good…I hope they can focus on what they did before…making good exclusive content and stop trying to virtue signal and preach politics and your ideology to your audience

  6. Netflix content has gotten stale stagnant and downright boring. How many anti-conservative shows on there as well. I deleted it from my phones and took it off my television.

  7. It confuses me that someone needs a book on how to be Anti-Racist……….like what??? This is ridiculous. Despite what MSM and Left Wing nut jobs seem to believe, racism is not an actual issue affecting americans daily lives. The recent racism scare in this country caused by MSM and left wing political fear mongering is akin to the 1980s conservative Satanic Panic.

  8. As a parent, I have had to confirm “yes, that person looks different “ however kids don’t ask questions about equity or how people are treated differently unless they see it. I have learned to answer only questions that are asked.

  9. You can acknowledge “racial” differences without editorializing, Krystal, ffs. A simple “we’re all different” should suffice for a 5 yr old. Eyes, hair color, skin, height, etc. keep it simple

  10. Talking down to people and dictating to them what their beliefs need to be doesn't change anybody's mindset. It galvanizes their beliefs and amplifies their behavior. If you stand against something your best way to approach it is to live by your own ideas, and refuse to associate with people who live contrary to those values. We shouldn't be trying to cancel people and actively destroy their lives, we should only shun people who stand against our deepest personal values. Such indifference will make that person a pariah, and there's a greater chance that they will be less willing to express themselves so emphatically when they're met with social isolation.

  11. Hey, Breaking Points! Please interview Chloe Valdary and Dr Sheena Mason on their quite-the-opposite-of Kendi’s racist programs. Theirs are based in love and tolerance. And thank you, Netflix, for giving racist Kendi the boot

  12. Sorry Krystal, but your attempt to explain how to discuss skin color differences is absolutely horrible!!! Maybe we should say, well, there are different colors in all animals, some cats are white, some orange, etc. Horsies have different colors and so do birdies, but IT DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING MORE!!!! YEAH, MAYBE THAT IS BETTER THAN LEARNING EVERY COLOR OF INEQUALITY!!!???

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