Netflix doubles down on Cuties! Says they will win in Texas court and prove the film is pure art!

Netflix is facing some real heat over Cuties again! Now, facing serious charges in Texas they’re doubling down on the movie, and preparing for a fight! NPC Media is prepared to defend them to the end!

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Written by YellowFlash 2


  1. Oh Netflix you Fools, give me my Dark Crystal second season dammnit instead of this shite. Texas send your best so they can't scream bloody incompetence.

  2. You know I don't know how this is going to play out but my guess is that Texas could get the film banned in America because I just recently discovered that Cuties is a French film and this is not a Netflix production so basically I think Texas could give Netflix a humongous fine and not to mention and get the film banned but unfortunately the people in Texas can't go after the director or the actual people who work on the film because it was made in a different country

  3. Nothing's going to happen to netflix lmao. Do none of you even realize how massive these tech companies are ?

    Who overdosed on blue pills here ?

  4. How does Anita Sarkeesian get an audience with the UN because of Video games….yet this doesn't even get a passing glance?…2020 is the year of Looney Tune Logic.

  5. Actually it might be as Netflix wants, because there is no reason why certain judges won't award this win due to freedom of artistic direction.

    Somehow. I feel it will. I have never seen precedents for handcuffs on creativity oopsies.

  6. We are a month from our cancelled 10 year Netflix subs due to their pushing this sexualized child filth under the guise of art……., and we should have done it sooner.

  7. Retards even now simp so hard for this movie and insists it fighting against pedo but they you ask them about multiple crotch zooms and they have no explanation for that.

  8. Saying Cuties is a social commentary against exploiting minors is like saying the Fast and Furious series is a social commentary against speeding.

  9. I don't think that this will be going anywhere… USA has a culture around beauty contest with kids, this go forward and you will have material to crush these contests… and don't think wrong, you should destroy these contests too, but the money around it… is like the money around Netflix, who won't bend the knee because they know that doing it they are accepting the charges

  10. exactly it's about the message and the message is let' little kids Dance almost Nake for all those perverted M.F in the world low life animals Hollywood New name is pervertwood

  11. I cancelled my Netflix. Cuties was the last straw. They're movie selection was getting worse and worse. I feel better knowing my $ isn't going to this trash anymore.

  12. I hope all the parents are in serious trouble. I don't want their families broken for this as, with supervision, they can be better. But only because I don't want the children to lose their parents who can learn their lesson and not do something like this again. The cameraman, the entire crew for the set, everyone directly involved except the kids.

  13. Netflix is 110% going to lose this case…
    How tf can you call little kids twerking and having zoom ins on their crotches “pure art”
    Its P.e.d.o material.. not art