Netflix FIRES Woke Activists After They Interrupted Executive Meeting! Wokies Are LOSING Favor!


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  1. I don't think this was a push-back against "WOKE" but more entitled millennials who are spoiled fucks, not knowing you don't always get your way no matter how big of a tantrum you throw. NOW, if they went through proper IN-CHANNELS and did it the right way, I'm sure Netflix would have buckled instantly.

  2. Its kinda like "I apologize if I you feel offended". In this case, its "Look – you are preventing the people who pay your bills from working. That costs money. We'll give you a warning. We don't mind what you do, but you can't do that to us.. Because we pay your checks. And you are preventing us from working. Us working gets us money. To pay your chscks."

  3. Now imagine if these banks and financial ial institutions made this decision not to use CRTbased on ethics instead of profits. We'd be on a less corrupt path also.

  4. I am a conservative…..BUT I still wonder what it would have been like to know what a "supportive family" would be like!!! You see my parents only claim to have a SINGLE child….and I am not that child!! My parents WORSHIP the very ground my baby brother walks on!!! And according to them…..I can do NOTHING RIGHT, while my brother can't be accused of anything and no matter what he does, I am that "bad child" even now that I am 57 years old!!

    I am very grateful for everything I have don't get me wrong!! BUT I have had to struggle and work for every single thing I own, and I have fought tooth and nail to get to where I am today!!! Nobody has handed me a damn thing, and I have never had anybody do shit for me either in my life!!! In fact I can't even ask for help, because in my world people are completely worthless and untrustworthy around me 99.9% of the time!!! So I have often found myself having to work four times as hard to get to the same place everybody else just "takes for granted", and people call me stupid, when I explain to them how my world works, or in my case doesn't!! For example I seem to be the only person on the planet who every time I walk into a McDonald's and order a simple cheeseburger meal…….I AUTOMATICALLY KNOW they will fuck it up!!! And I don't know how many times I have had this happen to me… lost count by this point, but it happens even when I travel out of town to a completely DIFFERENT McDonald's and I still always run into the same problem!! I order two cheeseburgers and a large French fry, and I get a Big Mac instead, OR I am missing my fries!! And it isn't just McDonald's this happens to me at!! I recently went to Dunkin Doughnuts and ordered Chocolate Iced Doughnuts and got all the way home to find out they gave me chocolate doughnuts with glaze on them!! I once had a run in with the local DMV trying to register a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass, and they had me return 6 times, and demanded I fill out paperwork for an RV, a boat, a utility trailer, a pick up truck, and a mobile home, before they started to understand that I was trying to register a damn car!! And I told them every single time what I was trying to put on the road….and they still ignored me!!

  5. I remember. I haven't bought a coke product since they did that. I have also cut out every product that panders to woke. I have had to settle for a lot of dollar store stuff but that ok, cause my honor is intact.

    FYI Faygo is actually a pretty good soft drink. Try their Cotton Candy flavor if you have a Family Dollar in your area…

  6. To imagine in these days, the conservatives are now the ones representing the common person and those of lower-income… Got to be rich to be into socialism which makes my head explode!

  7. “They WERNT INVITED”, to a very specific meeting. So they did what they always do; THEY BREAK IN AND DEMAND THINGS THEY HAVE ZERO RIGHTS TO.
    “I’m a WOMAN”!
    “I DEMAND YOU, ALLOW me, SUPPORT me, ENABLE me, RECOGNIZE me!” “I DEMAND that you SURRENDER, your “women only spaces” to me! AS I’M A WOMAN TOO”!
    I guess NETFLIX, is finally waking up to the fact, there is NOTHING they can do, there is NOTHING that they can give, and there is NOTHING they can SAY, that will EVER SATISFY, this group of people. They want if all. Hell NETFLIX, could give them 99% of the organization, and they’d KEEP CLAIMING, that the 1% is the problem.

  8. Heard Netflix buckled and hired them back a day later. If true,then NF is definitely part of the problem. Remember playing the games on the back of cereal boxes as a kid? Now they have a bunch of pronouns with instructions and blank spaces for kids to create their own pronouns! SMFH. THAT and dozens of corporations changing their logos to pride colors,yet they're still miserable,obnoxiously demanding the masses bend to the overbearing will of the relative few! NOTHING will ever be enough for these supremacist types.

  9. I actually watched a couple of videos that explained why companies are incorporating, "woke" ideologies into their company with advertising, employee training, and other parts of their business. It has to do with their stocks and how they're rated and presented for anyone looking to invest.

    These videos actually cleared up a lot of questions I have had on why companies are still buying into the, "wokeness" when the saying, "get woke, go broke" is a pretty accurate statement these days. It made no sense to me that they would spend the money to do these things — especially with them having to know, that not only will it more than likely not help them in the sales department — but would also more than likely cause them a loss in sales.

    I have to finish one of the videos I have saved on it, and have been meaning to look into it some more so I can more easily explain it to others, and dif deeper into it. But essentially, when they do these special employee trainings on inclusiveness, diversity, etc — It makes their favorability rating, (I guess thats the right term to use, but it has an actual name/title if anyone knows what that is) go up and look more, "appealing" to investors.

    Therefore, I'm guessing that when they're assessing the pros and cons of going, "woke" at this particular time, as well as figuring in the economy and the effects from the pandemic — they came to the conclusion that they'd be better off going with, "woke" even if doing that means they will possibly lose sales and go, "broke" on the sales end of things…

    If anyone would like, I can give them the link to these videos as soon a I remember what file I out them in. 🙂 I can put it into a reply on this thread for anyone, or anyone can email me for it if I don't respond. I don't always get t
    notifications when people reply/comment on YouTube, (that or i don't know how to find where they all are 🤣) and therefore I don't see it to respond to. However, my email is on my YouTube profile I think — so anyone can just email me if they'd like and I'll send the links to you. 🙂

  10. I feel like history repeats itself and Dems were HOPING for a NEW DEAL, that is, a revival of the 20s-30s and FDR-style politics… but what they're getting and what we're actually seeing is the economic hardships of the Carter-era 70s on Steroids!… or Heroin, as it's weaking everything and destroying everything it touches…. And, of course, WHAT FOLLOWED a mere 4 years of Carter? 12 YEARS of Republican Rule! A lot of people compared Trump to Reagan… to will this all- IS this all pointing toward an eventual and inevitable shift? Will Trump run again and beat Jimmy Joe Biden? Will it not end with Trump? CAN Trump make it, cognitively speaking (he is, after all, aging) 8 years AFTER 2024? Will Trump, CAN Trump be the same Trump we all know for another 11 years from NOW… Or will it be Trump for 4 years to set all this MALARKEY RIGHT followed by… whom? We need a NEW WAVE of NEW REPUBLICANS to step up… We simply cannot replace Trump in 2028, if he wins 2024, with yet another Cuckpublican Rino like say.. Milktoast Jeb Bush, etc… As we all know, it'll likely take more than simply one more term of Trump or someone like him to set all that is wrong now, right again. It needs to be a steady stream, a permanent shift… buuuut…. As we've seen with the cyclical chart showing what follows Good Times… it goes to Socialism, Socialism goes BAD, Even Worse times follow, people get sick of it, and we cycle again to Revolt, followed by better times, followed by Golden times and then right back down the slope again to Socialism and Quagmire (not giggity)… I think the idea we all want is to BREAK THAT CYCLE and REMAIN in the Good Times… And that's why we MUST teach HISTORY to our children. Is it any wonder HISTORY is being phased out in favor of wokist BS in schools by the libtards that seem to run them all… Maybe we need some catastrophe… a slew of cho mo teachers getting caught, for ppl to realize we need to overhaul our education system and get the woke OUT… BUT HOW?! Just like we see fewer women in STEM, we see fewer MEN in Education… So I feel what we need are more MALE TEACHERS in GRADE SCHOOLS. Some of my best and most favorite teachers were MEN. And some of the most cringy hysterical horrible teachers I had were obviously liberal Women teachers. ANyone else have this experience growing up? BTW, my timeline is: Kindergarten in 1985–Graduated class of '98…

  11. Sounds good but you're implying that these idiots will come to some sort of self realization. You give people false hope. You can't fix stupid. Maybe they'll wake up someday. But it won't be any time soon. You'll be talking about some more woke bullshit tomorrow. Rinse and repeat. Talk is cheap. Wake up people. There's one way to fix this. You're all just too scared.