Netflix Responds TERRIBLY to Questions About “Cuties”!!

Netflix customer service has allegedly responded to a complain from a subscriber regarding upcoming film “Cuties”. Their answers, unsurprisingly, as absolutely terrible!!

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Written by HeelvsBabyface


  1. Of course you see it as sexual. That's on you. If you don't like it, then don't watch it. If you don't like Netflix then there are other steaming services you can subscribe to. Like Disney.

  2. I'm sick of gacha, roblox fortnite and now netflix thinking pedophila is a religion! Let children be children! Pedophila is a crime, and is frowned upon, pedophila is wrong! It's bad! If you don't know what it's about just read the defentiton on Google dictionary.

  3. hey buddy great content i just unsubscribed from my netflix account and have shared this vid with all my friends and family and can confirm that a further 37 accounts have unsubbed from netflix because of this pedo filth

  4. Yeah I just cancelled my subscription to Netflix they're showing full nudity of little girls in the show I'm done I'm not going anywhere near Netflix again Netflix has fallen into a form of pedophilia and I'm not going to give them another cent of my money

  5. I'm glad this is blowing up b/c this is how Hollywood always has been but the masses have been too mesmerized by this shit movies and celebs to notice. Now hopefully this will wake people the fuck up and see what a cesspool Hollywood really is. Its not something anyone should aspire to rather something that everyone should try and burn it the fuck down.

  6. Look at the dance clips and imagine the stage

    Cameraman zooming on crotch and ass

    Choregrapher who taught them these moves

    Maker being like "that's it girls looower, nice now ass in the air, that's it girls !"

    700 littles girls were watched and recorded during cast by adults

    It denounces child sexualisation by doing child sexualisation

    Absolutely sick

  7. Mark my words, they will give "Cuties" an Oscar and have Cardi B award the statue. Rolling Stone is calling this a "Coming of Age" movie for females. Compare that to the coming of age movie for males called Sandbox. Hollywood virtue signaling at its worst. DEFUND HOLLYWOOD-DEFUND THE OSCARS.

  8. …and u hear atheists and others like them accusing us christians of raising our kids to honour God and the teachings of Jesus Christ while they r free to raise their own 11 year old kids to twerk and hump the ground and show their crotch to the entire world. absolute nonsense.

  9. They had a girl blow up a condom she found on the ground …….and before that had one of them try to take a video of a boy using the toilet.

    All the girls are wearing crop tops too

    These kids are 11!