Netflix’s Cuties is Sick and DISGUSTING | The BACKLASH is Swift

Netflix’s Cuties is sick, disgusting and crosses the line. The backlash on YouTube is the best news about this.
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Written by Nerdrotic


  1. I've heard a lot of people saying these little girls are twerking that's absolutely unacceptable. It's disgusting to see an adult do it. But there's no goddam way they should ever have an 11 year old girl dancing like a stripper. WTF. An 11 year old is not coming of age. I've always believed that poor little Jon Benet would still be alive today if her mother hadn't of dressed her up like a doll and paraded her around in front of everyone the way she did. It attracted the wrong person. This kind of stuff needs to stop.

  2. I watched this movie today to get my own opinion and I must say I was actually positively surprised. Yes, it is not without flaws, yes, there are sex references and yes, 11 year olds are twerking. But not at anytime narration leads you to believe that this is the 'right way' to behave as 11 year old girl. SPOILER alert. Main character which is 11 years old Amy is at difficult stage in her life. Originally from Senegal, she lives in a small apartment with her mother and 2 little brothers. What is expected from her is to be obedient, modest, devoted (to parents and religion) and have good grades at school. Pretty standard? Well, it turns out her dad is in Senegal and planning to bring new wife home anytime soon (family is muslim) and this works almost like a catalyst in triggering her teenage angst. She rebels and joins a group of shouty, bullying and obnoxious girls. She tries everything to be equally (if not more) shouty, bullish and obnoxious. If not more. She just wants to belong, she is confused and lonely. She wants to be accepted and to feel wanted. Situation makes it easy for her to follow the wrong path and it is made very clear in the movie that twerking, wearing red lipstick and conforming to your 'friends' is not always the way to feel happy. In the final scene Amy hugs her mum, washes off her make up and instead of going to her father's wedding or running back to 'Cuties' she starts to play with other children outside. We see her wearing normal clothing, laughing and finally enjoying herself. I think it is a movie about growing up with an important message that was skewed by silly promoting materials that gave completely WRONG image. Message I took from it is that world want us to grow up quickly – children are sexualised by culture we live in (social media, music, fashion industry), parents are absent, school has no control over students… Amy is expected to be a woman when she is only 11. When she gets her period her auntie and mum tell her she is a woman and that her auntie at that age was engaged… Friends tell her that she needs to be 'slutty' in order to hang out with them. Finally, last scene shows she finds happiness in just being a child (not looking after infants and toddlers, not praying, not twerking, not taking nudes – just playing).

  3. Ah, you Americans. Seeing sexuality everywhere, where there is not.
    The golden land of double standards.

    You can blame Netflix for that shitty advertising. Not the movie, which is made in France btw.
    Because there are many, who see no problems with this movie, which also touches cultural issues and differences.

  4. I watched part of the trailer and it made me want to vomit. To the producer Maimuna Doucoui did you win the Sundance award because your film was good, or the co founder of Sundance who is in jail for child sex abuse and his pervert co-horts there are all sick? Congratulations you have now become a pawn and the champion of child exploitation and encouraging to normalize child pedophilia, why did you not film girls doing gymnastics or horse riding, instead of making them have aspirations to be a prostitute or a sex sluts/objects. It is obviously scripted and coriographed by adults. Why did no one else involved in this say in good conscience say, no!!! This is wrong!!!!!!! Shame on you Netflix, you are just as complicit! Take it down!

    Everyone disgusted by this should contact Netflix and have them take it down, and let them know that you will cancel your subscription until they do. I did this through thier website.