Netflix’s Minoritarian Civil War

The Origin of Intersectionality

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  1. When they say “diversity is our strength” if you are white, male, straight, etc then you aren’t included in “our”. “Our” is the intersectional types. And for them it is a strength because on their own illegal migrants, communist, LGBTQRSTV2P, etc won’t be able to destroy the country they are in. They can only destroy it if they work together.

  2. The only diversity that is future proof is the colorblind one. People that perceive themselves as individuals, treat others as individuals and are unmarred by gender, race or identity politics. That's how you can have your cake and eat it. A diverse and capable workforce, without petty beefs and political strife.

  3. Do you think it will be realistic in depicting the mass rape of french women, the torture and behading of captured enemies, and the dhimmification of french natives like some sort of crude documentary, or they will just not shows it, making the insurgents all nobles and good, and pretend it will not happen?

    Or maybe they will glamourize it, and depict it as some sort of just, right collective punishment. Like in that episode of Band of Brothers were the american soldiers forced the german civilians to help them in the concentration camp. But this time there will be the "oppressed" immigrant masses just butchering the "evil" natives, and they will shows it like a fun, satisfying scene.
    So a mix between the scene of Band of Brothers and the "Purge" episode from Rick and Morty, when Rick and the girl kills all the rich rulers of the purge planet.

    It seriously can be both.

  4. Imho … what we are seeing right now – especially in german speaking middle europe – the 3 great Plans combined and executed by the eussr everybody with 2 braincells know that our politicians are not working for "us" anymore.

    Morgenthau, Hooton and Kallergi – the EUSSR is destroying Europe.

  5. The result of hiring someone from the bottom of the intersectional hierarchy to run HR has been that black men are significantly disadvantaged as far as hiring. Making assumptions about someone's innate characteristics is the definition of racism.

  6. Don't know why you guys hate Rousseau so much. We know he had some nutty ideas about social values etc. but his concept of the "National Will" as the guiding sovereign for a nation is surely one of the foundations of the ideas behind majoritarian rule.

  7. i dunno but isnt the show kinda hyper racist and anti immigration? i cant see how its gonna encourage the french to be more welcoming, rather i think they'd be on edge, which tbh they should be.

  8. It's basically a left wing fantasy that ethnic minority communities are going to rise up in a civil war against majority white nations.. there's obviously no historical evidence at all that things don't go very bad for minority communities when the majority turns on them

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