Netherlands to shut down 3,000 farms

Webster University assistant professor Ralph Schoellhammer says the Dutch government’s plan to shut down 3,000 farms in a bid to comply with EU emissions standards is a “war against humanity”.

Mr Schoellhammer said these decisions are made due to a “cultish ideology”.

“We get the promises that ‘oh this is not going to be a problem, we are going to move to alternate modes of production, be it energy or agriculture,” he told Sky News Australia.

“In the end, it never works.”

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  1. BUT BUT, this will NEVER happen in Australia. There are so many “DUMB DOWNED” people in the communist prison island. Those “ Tin foil hat” conspiracy theorists are CORRECT AGAIN

  2. There is no climate change this is done to create inflation and put the food under the demons control ween this the horse playing out they make famine depopulate and start growing your own food I wood never buy government food or big companies I don’t trust them they are looking for war civil war is come god sad next year darkness in 2023

  3. Oil and coal are the biggest problem and aluminium is bigger problem then plastic remember this is in the end time the rules are at war against gods people and they think they have power put they are out numbered as your spirit guides are fighting soon as Santa trying to take full control I’ll never kneel to him I’ll what to challenge Satan best warrior Baal or is Satan to scared to lose he scared of my light this why they do this behind your back and I wood like you to do it in Australia I’ll attack Satan head on

  4. It no we had no climate change there just using fear tactics to take all independent business and put them on governments money control so they can make you need them and so they make all the money so we walk away and they can grow there own food we are not there slave

  5. On another note: at any big supermarket or big W..if there is no open manned register, please ask for service..they are obliged to open a register upon request. The more we ask, the more their plan of no saleassistance fails

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