Neuro disease after vaccine with Nikk

Nikk describes her experiences after vaccination and her struggles to be heard, thank you Nikk. This is the link referred to in the discussion,
(C19 vax reactions)

On a separate note, John would like to talk to Eric Clapton, if anyone knows Mr Clapton please pass on this request,

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. The people must pressure more governments to ban this poison and by executive order force the pharma companies, its executives and everyone on their boards personally liable for all the harm.

  2. This is ASTOUNDING!!! I request that England DEMANDS TO KNOW WHAT IS IN THESE MANY VARIED VACCINATIONS!!! I live in USA but it is evident to me and many that a virus DEVISED BY HUMANS FROM THE USA in cahoots with China has infected the whole world and now these people who devised this have heavily invested in Vaccinations that we KNOW contain other viruses, and nano particles!!!! I am so surprised 😲 the whole world has submitted to this HUGE LIE!!! Please check out America’s Frontline Doctors and you will learn more. This poor woman is among MANY who have had their lives turned upside down!!! It’s all too disgusting and I am still REFUSING any shots!!! All of this Flue Shot Scam has gone on for too long all created by the pharmaceutical business!!!

  3. She shall check all side-effects of Aztea Zeneca Vaccines & reports to her physicians all side-effects she’s been having.

    So her physician can prescribe any antibiotics if theres any sings of infections or allergic tea time to Astra Zeneca Covid Vaccines.

  4. So many doctors I’ve seen that initially supported the vax, but are committed to following the research and the truth, are very recently starting to change their tunes about their whole hearted support of this dangerous product.

  5. The psychopaths and serial killers took over big pharma in 1994. They like to hear the monkeys scream when they shove radioactive material into the monkeys brains. No anesthesia. They turned the world into an open air rat cage. They are going to kill everyone. Big pharma mafia

  6. Are you KIDDING ME you are willing to get another Booster??? Oh my gosh why would you want MORE POISON!!! Do you want to be an invalid??? It’s all so DEVIOUS and yes, they are ignoring you! The criminal element here is astonishing!!! I pray for you to accept Jesus Christ in your heart if you haven’t already. HE is our only HOPE! DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO HAVE ANY SHOTS!!! They are after your kids too!!! These are EVIL GREED RIDDEN people who are trying to control population.

  7. Appreciate he knows ( or at least a very good idea without making it obvious ) what is causing this woman so much pain. I and some of you also might , have some idea. Do your own research , then join the dots. Would you come forward to buy a new car with no warranty what so ever? Just think a little bit further. The spider sits in the middle of the web

  8. Yeah our doctors in Leicester are the same and won't lift a finger to help anyone.
    They won't even answer the phones.
    Surely they breaking their oaths to help people's.
    A lot of it is to do with cutbacks and they just ain't treating people's.
    And it's all on govments orders.
    Doctors really are turning their backs on the people's.

  9. After my second injection my head and limbs became very weak with shaking hands and loss of balance with utter weakness in my neck and limbs. I had a bad reaction with the first jab. am better now but still have loss of balance and shaky hands.This obviously attacked my nervous system thankfully not like the attack to my nervous system from some unknown virus which I had in the 90s in South Africa, when I was hospitalised as I could not liiftmy head and limbs at all. It spiked my BP ridiculously too.The doctors gave me numerous tests then and they could not say what had attacked my nervous system but said it could possibly recur. Which it did thankfully mildly dues to this vaccine which I deeply regret having.!!. I have no intention of having any more injections ever!!!! I was fighting fit before all this nonsense was pumped into me!!!!

  10. We think we're better than the Divine Creator. We were made perfect and when given the right service and fuel the vehicle (our bodies) run near perfect. All the garbage people eat and drink, living on the couch (never doing strenuous exercise). I realise some people can't exercise, but a lot can and are just too lazy. Everyone wants the quick fix like pills and needles.

  11. Why she would even consider a booster when she was still having bad reactions to the first and she thought she had already had covid anyway, I can't imagine, people are too trusting of Doctors, they can say NO to unnecessary treatment!!

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