Never Before Seen Footage of the January 6th “Insurrection” That Almost “DESTROYED Democracy”

There’s a reason why the prosecution didn’t want the public to see this surveillance footage…I have had more chaotic “insurrections” on my Age of Empires LAN parties.

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  1. Imagine having a loved one die in 9/11, then some guy on twitter says that people calmly walking into the Whitehouse was worse than that. Yeah. Nearly 3000 dead.

  2. Never forget the leftists ability to lie, over exaggerate and play victim. You can bet cold hard cash that each one these TWITters celebrated 9/11 and got off to the people falling out of the windows to escape the flames. And we all know how much of a dirty p.o.s. Dan RATher is and how he lost his job.

  3. Omg that was horrifying gize like I’m literally shaking rn 9-11 was obviously nothing compared to these literal red hat terrorists.

    Seriously though, I wish 1/6 didn’t happen and all, because I’m not sure what the overall point was, and it made us look bad. But these people throwing around domestic terrorism and insurrection terms are ass-kissers of the worst kind. Will this leftist lunacy ever end? Serious question.

  4. If anyone tells you the sexond amendment couldnt be used in its original capacity to overthrow a tyrannical government or "you'd need nukes and F-15s.", just remember that a bunch of unarmed trespassers "almost toppled our democracy ."

    Or you could just remember the US has only ever lost two Wars and both times that was two people using guerrilla warfare hiding in caves with AK-47s and homemade bombs. (Vietnam and Afganistan.)

  5. the sad thing is those poor people walking around like tourists, LET INSIDE BY THE CRYIN' CAPITOL POLICE, they could have been anyone, were then raided at home by SWAT teams, thrown into federal prisons, uncharged for months, in solitary confinement pits, lives destroyed, some died from the neglect for their health, innocent civilians caught in the grinder of the administrative state's letter agencies "colour revolution" to take back control from the PEOPLE of the U.S. of A.

  6. It was an attempted coup, five people died and four officers committed suicide due to the ptsd from that incident.

    It's nothing to take lightly, anyone attempting to storm the capital is an idiot. The ex-president riled his supporters.

    Both parties are poisonous to our democracy.

  7. I watched this live and know it’s the biggest nothing burger the world has never seen. Most people weren’t watching it and the MSM didn’t show it.

  8. This is the biggest out of context joke of a video I’ve ever seen of my entire life… and people have IQs low enough to watch this, confirm their bias, and say this is an accurate representation of what happened on Jan, 6…

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