Never Forgive, Never Forget Trudeau’s Inhumane Vaccination Travel Restrictions – Viva Clip

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Unvaccinated were not even given exemptions to attend wedding, funerals, or care for sick loved one. Never forgive, never forget.

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  1. Still not allowed to enter the country, imagine that. Because of obvious discrimination. I have been to Vancouver before some years ago, now I’m not allowed to go to Montreal next week. What a country.

  2. VIVA: One of the MPs that was in the meeting with James Topp said the MPs were told that they might have to bring it back because there's a virus in South America that they expect to come here. Is this the next gain-of-function virus that they're going to spread? Or is this a BS stalling tactic to wait until there is a digital ID ready to go? I don't trust this government at all, they're definitely up to something. Keeping passports out of the hands of citizens ties into this too, why can't we leave?

  3. Liberal-NPD government members and Quebec government members and some judges must be brought to justice for their crimes, otherwise I will never consider Canada as a free country !

  4. Family was not allowed to come when my son-in-law died. No funeral, not even his own mother could travel to see him. Trudeau and Biden together have done this to so many families. Yet we could all go to Walmart.

  5. A friend returned from Jamaica last year, he was in the Mandatory Hotel stay, all he did to get kick out of it after 2 days was smoke a joint out front, once he showed his medical license to prove he was allowed to smoke weed they made him leave within 3 hours.

  6. He is a detestable basstarrd. He's also a fcuking imperialist racist now lecturing an African country on its HOME turf on human rights. I mean who the F does he think he is? A misogynist, misandrist, anti-Black racist, peabrain pervert telling Black people how to run their country? Esp after what he did to human rights in Canada? Does he think Africans are too dumb to not see HIS record and current cruelty to Canadians? Let's measure him by the standards he declares upon others.

  7. I think Canada won't make it as a sovereign country in the decades to come. We could fall
    Between the liberal fascists who want to cut is off from the global market and censor our rights and freedoms…to the conservatives…who are weak to the conservative values and platforms….all the way to paying Quebec billions a year to stay in canada…its all going to fall.
    Do we as a ppl and thus far sovereign country think that we will prevail In making any sort of difference amongst other G7 countries…lol…no body cares about Canada ppl…we have no identity and we certainly shouldn't be calling ourselves a free country. We need to be exporting what we have globally…its trudolf has so much because we are not that trudolf has so much control. As for conservatives…they are weak…let's hope pierre pollieve has backbone when he comes to run country.
    Realizing that Canada cannot last as a country unless we make some severe changes toward becoming more conservative…and stop pandering to thise who wish to think that ppl owe THEM a living.. and you all know who they are

  8. Never forget he set up backdoor deal with big pharma before the pandemic was even declared indicating they planned to do the vaccine mandates all along. But why would they do that you might ask? The virus is not the threat to mankind the "cure" is!

  9. Will never forgive or forget the current federal liberal, ndp government along with all other Prov leader and mayors that have caused such horrible hardships to so many. How many small and family businesses lost so much are forever gone, while the big box stores thrived . You could still get booze and dope (huge profits for the government). I have such a nasty taste in my mouth from these people. I have a list of places that I will never buy things from or visit because of their nasty treatment to employees and customers. Also to those that jumped on board so easily or even before the jab proof before you can enter. I will not support such a nasty 2 tier system. In Ontario, we have another 4 years of Doug who bows down and worships every word that JT spouts. Soon he will tell us to make cherry cheesecake again. I did not vote, pc, ndp, green or liberal, pretty much all the same.

  10. Mr. Trudeau and NDP/Liberal Party, you are a disgrace for any democracy. Please spare us your presence. Authoritarian Trash.

    World Economic Forum is an international non-governmental and Communist lobbying organization. Their motto "You will own nothing and you will be happy". In other words, shut up and work and we the Elites will own everything (Communism). This goes against Canadian values and principles. Fact: Trudeau has been trained and mentored by them in their Young Global Leaders program. His second in command, Chystia Freeland is a high-ranking member (Trustee). Both are in conflict of interest and must be arrested for treason.

    WEF Goals and Methods:

    Phase 1: Tyranny was the aim, Covid was the excuse.

    Phase 2: More tyranny is the aim. Climate Change is another excuse.

    Phase 3: Censorship, Government Surveillance, Digital Identity, Cashless society, Digital Currency, Social Credit System (like in China), QR Codes/Passports.

    Phase 4: You are screwed! Unless 'we' can prevent Phase 3

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