Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

Really empathetic of you, Joe.

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  1. I would argue that the switch to renewable energy is less about being “clean/green/environmentally friendly” than it is about control. Because it is a lot easier for the government to control electricity (who gets it, when they can get it, how much, etc.) and it is easier to control an electric car with self-driving technology than a gas burner (albeit, even modern gas-powered cars are heavily computerized). Sooner or later, just as you can be silenced/censored/banned from Twitter/Facebook/Youtube, you can be stranded on the highway or in your own driveway if the government wants. We wouldn’t even be able to work around it either, hypothetically, you could be denied Uber/Lyft/carpool if all other cars allowed on the road are self-driving. Soon, we won’t have rights, just privileges, and our speech privileges or our automobile privileges or our electricity privileges can be granted or denied for any reason. Heck, if the control gets that far, some people might be denied food and water privileges; and anybody caught trying to sneak you food or water could lose their privileges too.

  2. "Hey so I know many of you are struggling and could really use cheaper gas prices but we are working with oil companies and are trying take full advantage all this while you suffer even more and we will have people mock you for ever making any snide commonet about rising inflation or high gas prices because in times like this the only think not in short supply are useful idiots.

  3. Progress to less freedom, ruin American families, stupid Ideas and just ruin America even more. I guess I’ll just pray, because these people are crazy….

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