Never seen before 911 Video drops same day as Ukraine invasion

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


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  1. Let's not forget that China sent out a picture from "space" that showed a large explosion where Ukraine would be. This is interesting….oh and China is doing Military drills next week so look for Twain escalations incoming also.

  2. Slow the video down to .25. You can see the right wing disappear on approach. Then disappear altogether through smoke, then get swallowed by the building without causing damage. Completely absorbed then a flash and then boom.

  3. I've long had several clips showing the 2nd tower exploding with no plane in sight. There was no plane in NYC, DC, or Pennsylvania. "Let's roll" never happened and the phone calls were all a lie to tug at your emotions. The United 93 movie was pure propaganda. End of story.

  4. They spelled Kirkland afb wrong on linked in. Kirtland. Red flag, u wouldn't have errors like that on your LinkedIn, especially someone of that stature. This reeks of intelligence psyop.

  5. Anything or anyone who screams WW3 is full of it. The military has got this under control. The Russians and the Ukrainians aren't even shooting at each other. I seen a video and they were playing music and dancing as the Russians looked on and casually chatted and laughed.

  6. Don't forget the occultic folded $100 bill hasnt occured yet. It's all been on the money…..gotta keep the herd running. Business as usual down here with psychological warfare by these Creatures! For no one this evil can possibly be a human being.

  7. Similar point how “plane” at Pentagon left no fuselage on lawn nor was the hole large enough for an airplane crash. Plus the FBI confiscated all phones/cameras from
    The hotel opposite the Pentagon post “bombing”.

  8. How very odd that he was video-ing the smoke coming out of that building and just happened to capture such an arty juxtaposition with that cross in the foreground… how could that have been accidental? And if it was a compositional decision then he certainly was a calm and collected documentarist, wasn't he?

  9. I just watched this again but went to ytube settings an slowed video as much as allowed and upd the picture qwailty as much as could and wow at about 2.10mins watch the plane or hologram i should say

  10. GUYS PLEASE, look at the smoke, there is no wind, it just goes straight up in the sky… everywhere a plane has flowen there are heavy turbolences for MINUTES!!!!! Also it was pulverrised by atomizing and that guys responsible for what also?!?!? Sure buddys, sure -_- its simple physics/fluiddynamics AND just seeing how things flow in real life <3

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