NEW: Biden To Declare CLIMATE EMERGENCY In HAIL MARY To Pass Energy Agenda

Kim Iversen and Robby Soave discuss President Biden’s reported plan to declare a national climate emergency.

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  1. The sun is emitting unprecedented solar storms consisting of solar flares. It's the reason why the UK is having a hot day. Next they're going to tell us the melting ice caps on Mars is due to global warming.

  2. The best fitting “Occam’s Razor” answer to virtually all we are seeing, is the UN Agenda 2030 and the WEF partnered with the CCP and frightening numbers of “their partners, friends and surely “Useful Idiots” (per KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov, replacing Soviets with CCP, of course), plus per the CCP well-known “Elite Capture” initiative, MANY “compromised”…” ADVANCING “we commoners” to *their Great Reset.

    The Daily Wire’s new docuseries “China: The Enemy Within” highlights some of the many “compromised” on both sides of the aisle, McConnell included. With some experts believing upwards of fully half on Capitol Hill are “compromised”.

    Why not implement draconian, economies killing lockdowns for a purportedly not “plan” demic?

    And why wouldn’t there be an epidemic of more fires and explosions at food facilities this last 18 months just in the US, than any prior 10 year period and by far?

    And why wouldn’t there be an epidemic of food safety recalls, at the same time? Oh and avian and swine flu outbreaks forcing by Federal mandate (!!!) the farmers and ranchers killing literally tens of millions of their chickens, pigs, etc. Oh and the big railroads apparently having their high profile institutional investors like Blackrock “reportedly” “advise” those railroads, to cancel contracts to ship grain for feeding for farmers and ranchers?

    And why wouldn’t there be similar energy supply chain problems also far exceeding those of any prior ten year period, just since the Installed Obidenistas Regime arrived?

    And this last goes on and on; we think handing nearly $100B in weapons, munitions and more to the Taliban was “a mistake”?

  3. The weather is changing and glaciers melting very apocalyptic but dnc plans are weak or abolished by manchin or gop,plus no consideration for poor and working class .At the end no one likes change but it is inevitable

  4. Don't worry little people, the WEF will advise you when they decide you are a stakeholder and how to comply with the corrupt monarchy trying to hang on to power at all of our expense.
    Hilarious, Salesforce with marc benioff, left hand man of klaus supporting this episode.

  5. Stage 1: Suppress discussion of viable ways to stop global warming. Suppress solar geoengineering and nuclear energy at all costs.
    Stage 2: Declare a climate crisis, as an international official posture of governments, with emissions reduction as the only permitted solution.
    Stage 3: Declare a climate emergency
    Stage 4: Run government increasingly as an emergency dictatorship.
    Stage 5: When the emergency anti-emissions solutions fail to stop the warming, as they inevitably will, demand that we ramp them up further. Call it a misinformation emergency when anyone says the anti-emissions policy is the wrong solution. Use the emergency powers to further suppress any rational discussion of the other, viable solutions.
    Stages 6, 7, 8, 9 ….: : Do stage 5 again, and again, and again.
    Ramp up the costs of the unworkable policies in each iteration. Suppress, as an existential threat, any talk of a limit to stop at. And suppress rational discussion of the viable solutions, as a threat to continuing and ramping up the Only Correct (anti-emissions) solution.
    This can go on without limit — until the society collapses, as in Sri Lanka. And the global warming will in fact get worse all the while.

  6. My question: the earth has evolved over millions of years… we used to have dinosaurs 🦕 roaming…. When there is a volcano, does that effect the earth. I absolutely believe we humans need to change our habits like the use of plastics and throw away clothes, etc. stop companies putting chemicals in our food… there is so much that is truly urgent! Electric cars are not it. What about the child labor used in poor countries where the lithium is mined, what does that do to the earth. The administration is horrifically ignorant, refuses to become informed, and is trying to have only rich and poor people!

  7. Well, if you gonna ban anything, how about — billionaires?
    While Robbie snickers about renewables subsidies and cites Solyndra, it might be of interest to note that fraud and bailouts schemes involving nuclear power in OH, NY, IL, GA, and SC created scandals that amount to $42.8 billion – nearly 81 times the size of the Solyndra bankruptcy. Snicker, snicker…..


  8. The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November, The Sky Is Falling Vote Democrat In November,

  9. Covid proves emergency powers must be resisted. The mRNA therapy (not a vax) has done great harm and never should have been mandated, since only the old, obese, and diabetic needed it. And now we trust Brandon with more emergency powers? Stop offshore drilling with $5 gas? And even more insane, we wants oil from Saudis. So only CO2 from American oil hurts the climate? It completely insane.

  10. You forget the next ice age or the earth was freezing. By high school, I heard about the next Ice Age and global warming. Twenty years out of, now it Climate Change. I always thought it was a term used because what they said before did not match ,and the term encompass everything relate to climate so no being wrong.

  11. I thought weather n climate were separate things? I can’t keep up, why do they have to change the rules so much? Not saying we shouldn’t take better care of the environment but I doubt the government is truly helping.

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