New bombshell testimony in Sussman trial on Clinton’s role in Russia collusion

The Sussmann trial begins it’s second week after former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook testified that the presidential candidate approved the dissemination of disinformation. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Bs why is she not on trial for treason , I know why because she owns our government all this is to make it look like they care about America and so we will have a fake trial send her over seas for a few years and the American people w

  2. Wow Steve Harvey puts an idea to trump about helping inner city schools with Ben Carson and in 2 minutes trump gets on phone after saying its a great idea …deal done 2 minutes 1 phone call. Joeeey aint done s..t in how long ? Apart from make you yanks 3rd world cowards .b.s. corrupt bunch of ,,, wrong uns ,,

  3. Doesn't matter what happens in the court hearing. Hillary will get away with all of her wrong doings. Corruption right in plain sight. Nothing ever happens to the Clinton's.

  4. All these companies that are rubbing up against China for more money should be boycotted and be criminalized by our government. And if they want to keep their ties with China then they should pay dearly for it.

  5. 😂😂😂😂…right Chy-na joe is going to cut his strings to his Puppet master just like that ! I guess his Alzheimer is getting worse and he has forgotten he's compromised and been blackmailed by Chy-na for the last 25yrs.

  6. It seems that there was not collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016. But as the Republican Senate Intelligence committee report clearly states, the Russian government clearly interfered with the election in an effort to help Trump.

  7. Wow! Biden made a DIFINATIVE STATEMENT! He said, “Yes!”
    Wonder what his handlers are doing now? Probably FREAKING OUT! HA!
    There’s NO SPINNING that! Now, he either honors that commitment or he’s
    A LIAR!! 🤥

  8. Yep, a real bombsh . . . . zzzzzzzzz.
    Faux News is freaking DESPERATE for a Hillary scandal. Six (SIX!) Republican Benghazi investigations produced ZERO indictments. Maybe Faux News can get Sucker Carlclown or Sean Shi for Brains Insannity to do a seventh investigation. Keep trying, MAGAts.

  9. Clinton started the pee pee tape hoax and tainted the US political discourse forever. Obama knew about it too…did jack about it. What a bunch of sleeze the Democratic Party turned out to be…now let’s just blast the Rhinos out of office and go full Ultra Full Maga America. It’s our only hope from Flowbie Joe Bidenobi.

  10. No matter what Biden says FOXY Propaganda clan will always criticize him and take the opposite view hope America wakes us to this networks misinformation Still not a word about Trumps Jan 6th Riot ???

  11. For a US president to make that kind of comment on Taiwan is a huge deal. The fact that it was delivered with all the intensity of a 93 year old lost in a new care home is troubling. Was he supposed to say that?

  12. Screw party affiliation, the next president needs to be an intimidating hawk of a human being. For real. Only important trait. 4 years, theyll be done, but stuff is ramping up. No more, "for the camera" presidents. We need someone that oozes, "you don't want this smoke" lol in the LEAST aggressive manor. Tall order. It can be done. Make it so. This is the way… Blah blah blah

  13. I am fed up hearing about Hillary Clinton: We all know the law is there to suit her needs, and life will just go on as normal for Hillary, as it does for all crooked corrupt politicians.

  14. Keep in mind…..Clinton is untouchable…. She is backed by money and powerful people. She holds evidence on everyone around her, she will walk out free as a bird.

  15. Unfortunately for Maria she is a s bright as she looks.


    Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was acquitted Tuesday of lying to the FBI, in the first trial of special counsel John Durham’s investigation.

  16. So Durham's three year investigation has yielded one acquittal. The frantic Right has fumbled again over yet another nothing burger.
    Sussman was charged over lying to the FBI over the investigation into the mysterious Putin's Alpha Bank communications link to Trump Tower. Maybe next we will find out how indebted Trump's finances are to the Russians.

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