NEW Coverup Details From Uvalde Shooting Released | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover a report stating that a Uvalde police officer had a chance to fire at the gunman before he entered the school an carried out the mass shooting

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  1. I can imagine some entity communicating with the police chief saying: "wait, just a little longer. It's not a sensational and compelling tragedy yet. We will pay you to stand down in order to strengthen the narrative that guns are bad and the People shouldn't have them"

  2. Texas fucked up on this one. Those cops should be in jail and or never work in law enforcement. They let those kids die as they coward in a hallway with there guns and bullet proof vests.

  3. The video was released with audio. Mike Glover from Fieldcraft Survival YouTube channel reviews it! You can clearly see how One officer has Honor, and surrounded by many with None.

  4. I thought the cops stayed outside like the cowards they are, and it was a border patrol agent who actually stopped the gunman. I just think those cops deserve zero credit if true. Idk about anyone else, but when we're told they don't actually have to protect the public, my question is why have them? Ik we need police, but maybe we can get some that actually have been trained and can do the job they like to tell everyone they do.

  5. Laura Coates showed the entire video on her show last night on CNN. Every official responsible for this collosal fuck up should be fired without pensions.

  6. I'm impressed that they keep covering this story because it seems to have disappeared from other news radars .
    It's disgusting how quickly this sort of tragedy ceases to be "news worthy"

  7. New Details like this was a SET UP by either the CIA, thebsecret service or the FBI. YOU PRETEND LIKE you have NO IDEA, WE KNOW YOU SCHREECHY 8ITCH

  8. Both of these two are anti 2nd amendment then have the nerve to bash the people they think should have all the guns.

    Both of these two leftists are so beyond willfully ignorant.

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