New COVID Bill Fines Parents For Unvaxxed Kids And Doubles Income Taxes, Introduced in R.I.

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  1. How long Americans will tolerate unconstitutional orders from this government? They are breaking laws every day and punish citizens for being unhappy with their criminal acts against the taxpayers!!!
    We the people must resist!!! Or we will soon have Putin’s Russia in USA.

  2. What about the video taken during the protest at the Capital on the 6th where someone read that Ted Cruze was going to vote against Trump on that same day?

  3. What a shock! Who would've thought of this correlation, when the government gave Big Pharma immunity from prosecution for side effects from their vax????

  4. This is may seem radical… but just don't pay it, fight it in court… They have no right to make a parent do what degenerate reprobates in government want to do to their children…

  5. Its unconstitutional, to double tax someone because of beliefs. What if RI. Required you to get a number on your right hand or else you get fined and or double taxed.

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