NEW Doc Reveals Pete Buttigieg EMPTIER Than We Thought | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar offer their thoughts on the reporting about a new documentary focusing on the life of Pete Buttigieg who appears to be nothing more than his carefully curated image

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  1. Maybe emptier than YOU thought. But anyone with a brain and an IQ higher than 100 knew that he and everyone else in politics is just a hollow souless vessel who is in it for the money and power and nothing else.

  2. Buttigieg sounds like a sociopath that is more machine, than man. He's literally being "taught" how to act human. Chastin should head for the hills before his sanity becomes a causality of the Political Machine.

  3. Butter face Pete is no joke . He is a very dangerous man to the working American. He scares the shit out of me . He makes HRC look like Americas grandma

  4. Sorry Crystal! There is no way that Mayor Pete could be emptier than I thought. In fact, I got tired of listening to you tell us how insipid he is. Mayor Pete is an inconsequential squid!

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