New Documents Directly Implicate Biden In Obamagate Scandal, Biden SLAMMED For Abuse Of Spying Power

New Documents Directly Implicate Biden In Obamagate Scandal, Biden SLAMMED For Abuse Of Spying Power. A new list of Obama officials who requested unmasking of Michael Flynn has directly implicated joe Biden in the #obamagate scandal

On the same day that the Washington post published the name of Michael Flynn in reference to a phone call with a Russian Ambassador Joe Biden had made a request for unmasking

More strangely still Biden had previously denied any knowledge of the investigation into Flynn but was forced to walk back after being pressed over his meeting with Obama.

Obamagate is starting to come into view and it seems that the Obama administration was trying to sabotage the Trump administration

A day after the FBI sought to close its investigation into Flynn Obama held a meeting with Biden and others pertaining to the Logan act and Trump’s people. On January 24th we saw notes from the FBI showing they sought to get Flynn fired.

Clearly not a law enforcement matter

Democrats are now downplaying the severity while many Republicans sit on their hands. Rand Paul however took Biden to task over the targeting of a political rival.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Does anyone know a site or thread where the obamagate facts and timeline are layer out? It might be Google but I can't find anything at all!

  2. Obama's legacy is one of purposeful racial division, empowering black racists and supremacists, anti-white hate (including hate speech), censorship, blatant and open disregard of Constitution 'rule of law' replacing with Progressive regulatory and administrative state strong arm 'rule of law' which is essentially legal tyranny and capture of the law and courts for political weaponization. If Joe Biden is running on extending Obama's legacy it is a toxic legacy and one rooted in Neo-Socialism and outright Communism and partnership with real oppressive USSR-like regimes, namely CCP China, but also allowing the deeply rooted relationships with key so-called allies who proclaim internationalism and post nationalism to engage in the most base nationalism (Canada, pre-Prexit, pre-Boris Johnson UK, France, Germany, Sweden) all of these nations have a degree of institutional penetration with communism, the old Soviet style but also the new CCP style too so we are talking bout like-minded people who differ on details but deeply agree on methods and outcomes)

    They are in fact quite evil people because they are trying to make real a global system based on Inhumanism, the opposite of Humanism. That is who you find behind all these anti-nationalist movements who have long held power. Re-empowering someone like Joe Biden will only further that agenda, as he is merely a tool, a figurehead at best for the real people and forces that seek to cement power and control national policies for anti-nationalist ends. They are literally your Enemy, and claiming some mantle of goodness, or proper society, or whatever delusion they hold, is part of their scheme. If Joe Biden is elected, it would be much like Obama, who people didn't realize were electing a Sociopath In Chief and Lord of the Flies in charge of a dying American Constitutional system. So go right ahead and elect Joe Biden or whomever the Democrats nominate as honestly it does not really matter as you are not really electing that person. You are electing a set of interests and a corrupt political machine we call the Democrats. Prove all that is being said here correct and after the fact hearing I told you so will not undo the real damage done to the living light that is a true Constitutional Republic.

    Vote at your own risk for Joe Biden of voting for a mirage, and finding later you ran out of water in a desert of space spaces and half-baked ideas that any sane rational person can see through.

  3. Nothing is going to happen, nothing is coming. You cant have so much evidence with no meaningful action. What a joke that people who can have you disappear, or say you killed yourself with two shots to the back of the head might end up in jail or worse.

  4. I would bet a dollar that no matter how much evidence is stacked up against any political individual with a substantial amount of power no charges will ever be brought against them. Democrat republican it doesn’t really matter they Just don’t seem to be governed by the laws that are governed us

  5. To prove my point about Rand Paul just blowing smoke because this is all political theater, I just got an email from him requesting donations and I have NEVER gotten an email from this guy. You see how that works? He throws bait into the shark pool so that he can be attacked which he will do nothing about other than make sure his name is highly visible in the media, then turn around and use that to raise funds.
    This is all one big f'ing game to these people on both sides. It's exactly what George Carlin said — it's one big club and you ain't in it.
    Stop getting emotional about these fake fights. This is political WWF. It's not real. They don't care. The whole thing is one big con. Stop falling for it.

  6. I really like Rand Paul, wish we had more like him instead of so damn many RINO's & Socialists…
    Obama was & still is, as crooked as it gets & Biden's no better. I don't trust either of them but then I don't really trust but a handful.

  7. Dig deeper…you'll find that there wasn't a "unmasking" on day of Flynn/Kislyak phone call December 29th 2017, why? Probably because he was being listened to by the FBI? If true, there wasn't a need to "unmask". Ukraine president is now investigating recently posted phone call between Biden and Poroshenko (it's being circulated on Soc Media-NABU Leaks) fox reported on it yesterday.

  8. Flynn knows about Obama administration mis deeds (Benghazi, gun running to Lybia, uranium1 sales to Russia, Syrian conflict…Flynn voiced his objections to Obama's administration). Why do you think they didn't do anything to Flynn until he became NSA for Trump?

  9. As a incoming NSA, general Flynn had every right to speak to Kislyak. We should question why John Kerry was in Iran in 2018 speaking to them about the iran deal…to me, that's a violation of Logan act, undermining the Trump administration

  10. Peter Strzok is a CIA Officer, who was deeply embedded into the FBI. He was Brennan's tool for FBI manipulation (not that they needed much of that to commit several crimes, "dirty-up" several patsies, & then drag-out "due-process" until attorney's fees bankrupted them; typically forcing voluntary "guilty-pleas). Strzok is the key co-conspirator in the middle of every part of Obamagate.

  11. Not a fan of the dems but I am even less of a fan of pretending that making sure Russia was not subverting American politicians was somehow uncalled for, also not a fan of all the "creative manipulations" of truth going on from both sides…

  12. After 3 years of total failed attempts to get Trump ousted, has anyone asked themselves what are the Democrats hiding? Why is it what I read/listen on certain podcasts and YT, it is TOTALLY different from what my adult kids hear from CNN, MSNBC, etc.?

  13. in US politics this is a common maneuver no matter where you are in the chain of things, you don't even need "leverage" on a direct opponent, sometimes leverage will be enough using a supporter of a direct opponent, the more dirt you have in your pocket going into any office will improve your chances of success