New Documents DIRECTLY Implicate Bill Clinton And Prince Andrew In Epstein Case, CLEAR Donald Trump

Note: In order to make sure this video gets as much reach as possible and due to the sensitive nature of the discussion around these people I have no choice but to censor some parts of the story due to the language used.
I also had to be very careful in my choice of language and how deep I could go.

Here is the main story I blurred

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  1. i am hoping you read and respond to this question. i know epstein has connections to the elite. but a few years back in belgium there was marc dutroux who was a leader of a child sex ring. there was a lot of controversy about political and governmental people involved. my question is, did epstein and dutroux have any connection with each other or have the same clients? * clients meaning these perverts riding underage girls* i have been searching for a connection but you have more channels of info to follow than me. great shows b.t.w. even as a canadian who couldn't care less about the politics of the states, you show it isn't just you who are involved in what is happening there. you prove this is a world platform that needs looking into and hopefully fixed before gates starts his "final solution".

  2. Everyone with a brain knows Clinton and prince Andrew have to be the most heinous of ALL the culprits but why are the Obamas not mentioned as well?Surely no one believes they are innocent?

  3. Damn how do we know Clinton didn't get Obama to keep this stuff suppressed for 8 years? Now when Epstein was in trouble recently he had no one in the white house to call in a favor from. He was screwed because Trump was in charge and he couldn't be blackmailed because he had nothing on him! Calling in Presidential favors don't work when you got no leverage over him and nobody in the establishment can manipulate him either. Epstein would have flew like a bird if not for Trump winning 2016.

  4. The following message below is a post that my friend made on her Facebook. Facebook deactivated the "share" post link on her post so it can't be reshared, so much of her things are being taken down while others are not..

    (Beginning of post)
    "Coincidence? –
    “Epstein Island was the tip of the iceberg
    Oprah: Cancelled. Magazine caput.
    Ellen: Cancelled.
    Jimmy Kimmel: Taking a break.
    Piers Morgan: Taking a break.
    Tom Hanks: Became a Greek citizen.
    Chrissy Tiegen: Made twitter private, deleted 60,000 tweets, blocked 1,000,000+.
    Jenna Jameson: Went public about being raped, conditioned, and trafficked in Hollywood as a child.
    Justin Beiber: Released music video “Yummy” confirming being a victim of pizzagate as a child.
    Isaac Kappy: Repeatedly named Hanks as pedophile. "Committed suicide" on Route 66 just after Hanks tweeted about road kill on Route 66.
    Avicii: “Commited suicide” days after releasing video ('For a Better Day') highlighting child sex trafficking.
    Chris Cornell: "Committed suicide" while working on child sex trafficking documentary.
    Chester Bennington: "Committed suicide" while working on child sex trafficking documentary.
    Anthony Bourdain: "Committed suicide" while working on child sex trafficking documentary.
    Epstein: Didn't kill himself.
    Maxwell: Judge will eventually make private documents public (fears for her life).
    Judge appointed to Maxwell/Epstein case: Son is murdered. Husband shot.
    Hollywood: SILENT.
    Media: <CRICKETS>.
    COVID: 99.99% US population survival rate but talked about by all of Hollywood, media, and social media platforms 24/7.
    Doctors with different views: Silenced, blocked, mocked, censored, fired.
    1,600+ CEOs suddenly "retire".
    MEDIA: "Golly, what will be the new name of the Washington Football Team?"

    Wake up!"
    (End post)

    Thanks Tim Pool for all the work you do and for how you use your voice.

  5. Funny how the left will cancel, fire and belittle someone over a meme or opinon. Yet when there is evidence of Bill Clinton having relations with young children it's ignored or Clinton is believed! Hell I'd of believed Clinton back in the day, but not know with all this evidence!

  6. Is sounds to me like trump has a savior syndrome he was trying to keep an eye on the girl and get a handle on what was going on in the situation and when he got enough information he was probly gonna bring them down And the only reason I say that is because he would never eat around them or be around the guys he tried to stay in the kitchen with the staff and the girl To get more information but that's just a thought..

  7. Google the people that are listed on Epsteins flight logs, some of the names there will make you cry. Not only Chris Tucker and Tom Hanks, but Robert De Niro, Stephen Colbert and the one that made me the most sad, Robert Downey Jr… Ironman.

  8. Its crazy how Tim has to talk about the news like its a bomb or something. "I have to be very very careful here, I don't wanf to be banned." Hes trying to report the news but the news is banned lol. Wow.

  9. It’s ridiculous that people who take on the left get shadow banned or banned all together…. there are so many guilty pedo’s on the left. The people at YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are complicit.