New Evidence Covid Lockdowns Will Turn Into Climate Lockdowns

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  1. If Ukraine is the model then it's easy. You send a boatload of taxpayer money to a poor country. Then some of the money is pocketed by the leaders there and the rest is laundered back to the leaders of the sending country. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  2. Maybe I should have led, with George you looking so great today. I think no lockdowns because I putting you and yours on front lines shovelling coal ash, why buy derivatives, I got pits of it

  3. George, for you eye …I wonder if it wouldn’t be worth giving Black Sativa seeds a try? I had a bladder infection that I thought I’d fight off on my own and well, it only got worse until I thought I’d try these seeds which I had on hand for the Cerveza Sickness. Anyway by the next day my infection began to turn around, after a while my problems had nearly all gone so stopped taking the seeds but then slowly the infection began to come back again, so I went back on the seeds again until well after total recovery and that was it! Hard to argue the seeds didn’t play an important part and no antibiotics at all 🙂 Cheers

  4. China won’t pay any country a dime. It’s only Western countries that will pay.

    Twenty years ago, this was “carbon credits” and the “carbon tax”. They could not get the citizenry to agree to pay “taxes” and this is how they are attempting to do the same thing.

  5. Dumb ass missue of diesel attacking energy yet still complaining about yield curve also ridiculous. The same attackers do nothing to contribute but attack insane also. Fick sugar cake, get rid of it Sam next time in trash, sorry

  6. Up to 95% of the worldwide weather is manipulated and goes back to the 50s. Geoengineering, Cloud Seeding, Chemtrails, HAARP, Nexrad, EMF, EMP etc.
    Go to geoengineeringwatch
    Docu: The Dimming

  7. In Canada we have lots of communists who attacked me & my business. I do pools "outside" & they tried to shut us down. I did not comply but they did everything to stop us. The government let these Nazis affected our communications, bank accounts & generally tried to destroy our lives. Good enough reason for me not to take any jabs.

  8. Bingo. Canada is learning this with the perpetual "We're sorry" to the Indigenous peoples, where cities that are dropping the woke land acknowledgements at every meeting are now labeled as opponents of reconciliation…

    Look to Canada for the bullshit, we're the WEF science lab.

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