NEW Evidence Points To Joe Biden CORRUPTION! He WAS Involved With Hunter Biden SCHEME!


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  1. Con man is corrupt and working for China and Russia it shows just look around America will fall if he is president democratic leader who are corrupt making deals with your taxpayer money

  2. Don Joe Biden should be locked away until he expires,but he is a damn democrat so nothing will be done to him. His son is worse but the same thing a damn democrat. Let's go Brandon!!!! If my son had been discharged from the US Navel Academy I would so embarrassed that I could never show my face.

  3. Our government is so corrupt it's embarrassing it's totally ridiculous with Joe Biden gets away with. I wonder what other nations or countries look at us and just laugh you got a guy that falls walking up a flight of stairs and he's running the country.

  4. No worries the FBI is on the case. The Bidens have nothing to worry about now, evidence is being destroyed. The fbi moto if we didn't frame them they aren't guilty.

  5. This whole election had to have been an incredible ruse! The reason I say this is because they knew the Republicans would be afraid To impeach Joe Biden because of who would be sitting on deck! And even after that the next in line is the speaker!! That's the worst threesome of people to run this country I could ever come up with on purpose let alone by a series of events and elections!!

  6. Is it a surprise there is corruption, lying, bribes? The FBI and many other gov organizations are not investigating obvious law violations but went after Trump with no evidence a total witch hunt with millions spent of investigations and countless hours checking leads whereas Bidens do these things that have obvious in your face corrupt dealings. Reps scream and holler but nothing happens, they are all in bed together and we are the patsies!

  7. Weekend at Bernie's aka Joe's the zombie puppet's administration will be short lived and his crack smoking son hunter will contribute to the revealing of the corruption from the zombie's crime family. Just a matter of time because we worship an awesome God 🙏🙏

  8. R.I.C.O. Act the government has it , now use it , it fits what the Biden family have been doing for years perfectly . Let’s Go Brandon. Let’s Go Brandon

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