NEW: Fentanyl Overdoses Now Killing More Young People Than Covid, Suicide, Car Crashes

Ryan Grim, Robby Soave, and Kim Iversen react to news that fentanyl overdose deaths are now the number one killer of people aged 18 to 45 years old.

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  1. Big Pharma (The Sackler family to be specific) knew from the beginning how highly addictive this drug was but they lied to get FDA approval. Addiction was a major part of their marketing plan. They are still walking around free and raking in lots of money. Watch the movie "Dopesick". It will make you sick. This pandemic started way before covid and has nothing to do with a virus. It's all about greed.

  2. They are trying to blunt the pain they are feeling as a result of the failure of their government and the societal conditions they are living in. The obscenity of the wealth gap should tell you all you need to know about your society and why your population would be overdosing at this rate. They are just trying to find some peace in this nightmare in which they are living.
    Leave them alone and fix your country. That will better solve your problem.

  3. People aren’t seeking out fentanyl, they’re buying other “less serious” drugs and are dying because it was laced. People have died from purchasing adderall that was laced with fentanyl. So it’s not a drug war problem. Ryan’s right about this one. But it’s still true that the White House should stop funneling resources, energy, their public messaging etc on Covid boosters which are totally irrelevant to young people. The fact that they aren’t doing show proves they don’t actually care about saving lives, they care about making record profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

  4. The same criminal cabal of big pharma and completely captured government regulatory agencies like the FDA and CDC – that brought us the "opioid crisis" – now brings you the "covid crisis." And of course everyone who get's their "reality" conveniently delivered to the comfort of their own couch brought to them by multi-millionaire talking heads who work for multi-billionaire hedge funds – will of course believe the lies of the same scoundrels that spent 20 years killing hundreds of thousands of Americans while profiting off the opioid crisis.

  5. People are being forced to seek psychiatric help in order to get legal drugs. In hopes that they will work. No those drugs don't work, they only harm you. While at the same time, lining the pockets of the medical profession. Its a never ending circle. Let the people decide the help they need and make drugs legal. Purchase them through a dispensery without a prescription. Make drugs safe by taking them away from criminals and regulate the quality. We can decide if we need help with a drug addiction by ourselves. Alcohol is legal, cigarettes are legal. Aspirin are legal. Unsafe medical drugs are legal. Why not the rest of us or is it that they just need someone to throw in jail? Another money maker for the government. Free up law enforcement, legalize SAFER drugs.

  6. Kim….your line of thinking is the common sense, compassionate, INTELLIGENT & SAFE SOLUTION!
    Can you please consider replacing the female delusional ,non American thinkers in Congress?
    Male too.
    Bunch of instigating ding dings screaming nonsensical Bs now .
    Your plan is EXACTLY what's needed but then what happens to all the govt run programs that keep people hooked & hopeless or dieing for depop?
    Things that make me go hmmmmm

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