New Frightening Weapon in Ukraine

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. Why would Iran send its drones to Russia, when it needs them itself, after sanctions its stocks are vital for its defence. Russia has huge logistic operation can turn out derivatives though.

  3. Number of years ago Iranians successfully downed US drone on their territory. That story was all over the western news back then. U.S. officials worried Iran got fairly undamaged drone so that it could be reverse engineered. Looks like Iranians did just that. But majority of public does not remember that case. That is why western public keeps getting shocked any time something extraordinary happens. Because nobody remembers what happened before and that is the reason for things happening today.

  4. Talking nonsense 30Kgs of explosive! LMFAO almost twice that in the 203mm HE artillery.
    Educate yourself FFS, RUSSIANS DO NOT BUY IRANIAN DRONES!! Zala KYB-UAV KUB etc etc and other Russian drones are VASTLY SUPERIOR BECAUSE Russia can manufacture high end electronics AND THEY HAVE AI to identify targets .. Iran can’t MAKE THESE!
    Does nobody ever research anymore? No objectivity or integrity left I guess.
    They tested these out in Syria likely Russia gifted Iran designs etc as they are allies ..

  5. The Russians have acquired the license for local manufacturing of the drones. Hence you won't be finding any Iranian markings on these bad boys 😁.

  6. Russia sought these drones for a particular role. The Iranian drones stay in the air for a long time. The Ukrainian Himar and similar mobile guns, roll out of hiding, fires off a few rounds successfully and return to the hides before Russia can track them accurately. So Russia's solution is the Iranian Mohajer-6 drone which provides real-time surveillance, tracks targets and either drops its bombs or guides the shahed kamikaze drones to selected targets. It's proving very effective. Kudos to Iran.

  7. If the West didn't kill and destroy nd install terrorists in the middle east to destabilise and sanction the middle east to cripple their economy, the Muslims would by now be the strongest force alive. And no matter what evil the West does, Muslims have always own nd they will again Ameen

  8. Great coverage of this interesting development. Now I understand why the Zionist entity keeps throwing temper tantrums against Iran and bombing Syria as a substitute victim. They think they somehow deserve a monopoly on weapons capable of inflicting real damage, and panic when they see the balance of power tipping towards a country they have a pathological hatred for.

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