New GDP Numbers Are Out: You Won’t Believe This…

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  1. Don't you realize the market is rigged?
    The narrative doesn't matter – which is why it constantly contradicts itself: what was GOOD for the market only a few weeks ago is now BAD – and vice versa.
    There is no method to this madness: the only thing that matters is the pre-determined FED policy – the narrative is just window-dressing to confuse us.
    In the end, without insider information, if you're in the stock market, you're just gambling: when they're ready to pull the plug and steal the pensions of the Babybommers, they'll do just that.

  2. I like how they say they are going to pay off student debt. If they actually had to have the money to do that, it wouldn’t even be a discussion. Must be nice just to print money.

  3. Your laugh, "Ergh-erghhh",
    always 'connects the dots'. 😆👍

    Btw: Waiting for you to pick this GDP number apart. Considering every frickin' single other data-point, and all the anecdotals, in the economy this is highly suspicious. Also, I bet every other poster on here is also going "Nahhhhh."
    Maybe there's some clear explanation under the hood that would detail why in real or in reality terms it's actually negative too. Methinks so.
    And, conveniently, right before the midterms !!!

  4. The national delivery service I work for that has been in the news for poor earnings and recently bragged about "cost savings" measures offered the contractor I work for less money on the upcoming year's contract, so my hourly wage has been cut 16.6%. So they are saving money by paying me and other delivery people less. As you can imagine, I'm exploring my options for other employment, so I don't get swallowed up by inflation. I definitely won't be buying anything extra now, and even will be spending way less money on Christmas presents for my family. The recession is definitely here for me. Next year could get rough.

  5. George, I would not be surprised if a fudged GDP occurred before mid term elections. It is possible that it is a setup. Once Republicans gain control, GDP tanks, giving the Democrats a talking point going into 2024 presidential election on how the Republicans ruined the economy.

  6. The Biden administration is just this inept, they are lying about GDP thinking it will help them in the midterms, not understanding the FED will hike more because of it. Later when the numbers are adjusted it wont be news. The middle class will pay for this maneuver even more than normal.

  7. >Trump would lie too
    Except he didn't. Cut the "I'm in the middle" BS. The Left thinks they are in the majority because they HAD tens of thousands of bots whispering in their ears for years driving them insane. Until today.. Anyone who is in the middle of THAT and normal people is still just a lunatic.

  8. I think this is what's happening. Recall the scene in Glenngarry: "These are the three year bonds….that will pay your more than a 10 year bond….., are you in?" I think they're going to crash the bond market and are trying to getting everyone possible on board before they sink the ship.

  9. One thing I've learned, stock market is not correlated to the reality of the actual economy. Does serve as a liquidity reservoir for the fed and a what do you call it…a tool? for supporting media narratives.

  10. To answer your question about what the change was that caused the growth. My bet is on the plunge protection team or the financial stability board…

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