New HARD Evidence Drops On Hunter And Joe Biden Scandal, Fake News DESPERATELY Lies Screaming RUSSIA

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  1. Say if it is fake hypothetically speaking of of course then where did they get the images of Hunter Biden on his laptop plus if his signature is a wet signature or a tampered signature which can easily be verified

  2. It’s curious that the FBI didn’t mention this either officially or as a leak. What was their plan? Pretend it never happened, assuming repair shop didn’t clone the drive? Hush it up until Biden gets elected, then make it public so Harris can become the black wamen in-chief?

  3. When I google timcast or Tim Pool, a lot pops up. However, you're nowhere in my YouTube feed or any recommended sections. I have to search and go to your channel manually.

  4. "The Ballot Box and the Jury Box, Both rest on the Cartridge Box." That I why these jokers want to disarm us. They can't subjugate and rule us by force if we are armed. The Wuhan Flu made that even harder. Americans are better armed than ever before. First, we go to the Ballot box. If that doesn't work, we go to the Jury Box. If that fails, the Cartridge Box. We will not be ruled. We Rule Here!
    "The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will never be needed. Unless Someone tries to take it away."
    Stick to yer guns!

  5. I was searching for this video on my subscription feed and when I was about to click the app literally closed spontaneously. I don't know if it's a coincidence but when it comes to Google there are a lot of coincidences

  6. Correction: They’re not pro-Biden, they’re anti-Trump.

    Just as much as they’re anti-constitutionalist, anti-civil rights, anti-white, anti-hispanic, anti-asian, anti-black, anti-Jewish, anti-mixed race, anti-men, anti-women, and anti-children. They’re anti-American, anti-European, anti-Israel, anti-history (unless it’s their own version of it), anti-free thought (unless it’s their own), anti-free speech (unless it’s their own), anti-science (unless it’s their own), anti-peace (unless it’s their own), anti-Christianity/Catholicism (but not anti-Islam ?), anti-Judaism (but not anti-Islam ?), anti-private property (unless it’s their own), anti-first amendment rights (unless it’s their own) anti-second amendment rights (unless it’s their own), etc.

    These are not people, they’re barely human. The only thing they are pro are power and control. Doesn’t take a history lesson in politics to know where that inevitably ends up going.

    “Political Activist” is the new, “Religious Zealot”.

  7. You got it, Tim. It's not always a "conspiracy", sometimes it's just people with the same mind-set, all doing the same thing. I cynically call it "Business as Usual". Yes, I'm cynical, but no matter how cynical you get, it's hard to keep up! (Lily Tomlin)

  8. All the people in the comments saying he's lying about his channel not showing up; it doesn't show up for me, just his wiki page, some old tweets and a link to timcast_irl further down the page.

  9. Your videos do actually show up in google searches. You need to keyword your videos better. If you search for the title word for word, they do show up in search results.