NEW Hunter Biden Texts ‘Suspected Involvement’ In Brokering Oil Deal ‘Directly’ With Putin

Katie Halper and Robby Soave discuss new text messages that could expose further Hunter Biden dealings.

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  1. They kept going Trump kids got rich off of Russia and china with zero evidence, yet biden kid is getting rich from china and there are so much evidences and yet nothing is happening. This is just crazy double standards.

  2. Why should anyone feel bad for Hunters addictions, it is a result of his own stupidity and complete lack of morality. The real question is why is he not in jail? Anyone else would be!

  3. Hunter seems to want to self-destruct. Applying a legal standard of innocent until proven guilty creates a low benchmark. If you want to be president, how about a high benchmark of integrity? Squeaky clean seems better than ambiguous (or the extreme of couldn't quite find the smoking gun or exactly where the bodies were buried). If you roll the dice on whether politicians are clean repeatedly, then eventually you'll get snake eyes. And ambiguity about cronyism, selling access, and questionable trading is par.

  4. I think we do have evidence that Joe Biden knew about Hunter's attempts to exploit his position, and Joe went along with it..what else would you call Joe setting Hunter up in that wholly undeserved position in Ukraine?! What more evidence do you need that he was complicit in his son's escapades?!!!! COME ON MAN!!!

  5. My initial reaction was aligned with Katie's. This is not something a person with 2 brain cells would write in a text. Unless they were compelled to by an outside force, or someone else wrote it. But can't rule out that Hunter is in possession of 2 brain cells. What a mess.

  6. The very worst of the worst are governing this sadistic government. Its a practical joke what these evil creatures are doing to humanity. These compartmentalized "Big Club" idiots all need to be rounded up and placed on trial for their blatant crimes. Everyone must see Hunter'academic

  7. I congratulate Rising for not having that black democrat apologist woman on as a host while covering this story.
    The last segment about Hunter she proved worse than a suburb wine mom on a holiday weekend.

  8. Investigate fully and if convicted throw his as in jail for a long time. Then let's get his father and Trump and maybe, just maybe we can get this ship righted. I doubt it but a guy can dream can't he?

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