New Inflation Metric Signals Economy Is COLLAPSING And Democrats Plan To Spend ANOTHER 2.5 TRILLION

New Inflation Metric Signals Economy Is COLLAPSING, Democrats Plan is To Spend ANOTHER 2.5 TRILLION. Republicans did nothing for the most part to stop this and many signed on to the plan. Some do object but our political establishment seems hell bent on destroying the economy.

Food prices are higher than theyve been in decades and now the tsunami is coming and we can see the first signs.

Consumer prices are at a 4 decade high, Producer Prices are growing faster than ever recorded and Democratic leadership, Joe Biden, seem callous and uninterested.

We may be about to enter Weimar Germany style hyperinflation


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. How am I suppose to buy a house like this. Ive been working since i was 16 (21 now) and at this rate ill never be able to get a decent house. I havnt spent a dime of my money except for a vehicle. Im so screwed it doesnt matter how much I work. All I've ever wanted was 1-2 acres of land with a small house. But ill never get it. I should just end myself theres no point anymore.

  2. Tim I really agree with this show, but- I don't agree with just buying Crypto to protect your money from inflation. Think about it when the Stock Market went down – so did the Crypto Market see the charts from 2020 –> Bitcoin went down as the Stock Market went down.

    So, the only TRUE hedge to protect the value of your money is to buy Physical Gold and Silver.

    It has been the only way to protect the value of your money for centuries.

    As the Government keeps spending it's way out of Debt it only digs a bigger drop when it comes.

    They are lying about the actual inflation numbers, it's more like 16% not the 6.8%!

    Inflation is a TAX on the common man!

  3. This is the most asinine bunch of drivel I ever wasted time watching. Maybe not, though. It’s hard to tell. 🙄 wtf is the point of a guy that knows nothing about economics or finance making economic predictions and basically telling the world to buy into magic bean money. The only problem we have these days is idiots like this telling people a civil war and financial collapse is imminent in order to clickbait gullible people and collect $600k/month in content revenue. Maybe not, though. It’s hard to tell. I. Just. Don’t. Know. For all I know Tim could be brilliant. Tim could be Satoshi. Hard to tell.

  4. I'm presently pushing my 11 year old daughter to start learning Web3 and getting around DEFI, Metaverse, Gaming, NFT's etc.. The young that are tech savvy are going to fully transition over into Decentralized finance and crypto. Many are creating their own DAO Communities.

  5. Tim you'd be surprised if you checked can you check your listening audience how many are hardcore republicans I bet you only have a few mostly you have libertarians with a small L

  6. It's fantastic! I barely make enough to cover the cost of living, sometimes I don't.. Yet I apparently make too much for any assistance. I bet if I hopped across that border illegally, I'd have all the assistance I'd ever need, and then some! This country has turned into a trash bag. I'm 100% cool with a civil war against the scumbag left!!!!

  7. Great Reset , you can't build back better if the economy isn't destroyed , you must kill it first and this is happening globally , you can call it a conspiracy if it was happening locally or in a single country but this is going on all over the world and it's all part of the UN AGENDA 2030 aka great reset. This only has one outcome a war and after that war , a one world government and dollar.

  8. What theyre doing is signaling they know they are gonna lose in 2022, and possibly in 2024 which will require the Republicans to pass a similar bill upgrading out debt ceiling. Only, I'd hope they do not and they cut a ton of programs and departments to pay off debts we already owe.

  9. CPI has been changed in how it is calculated 3 times. And they're going to change it again in 2022. Under the old methods, current inflation would be 15% based on the 1980s style, it would be 10% based on the 1990s style, etc.

  10. Local sports bar and grill got rid of the CLUB SANDWICH because it was "too expensive" and "too hard to train people in" due to the turnover.

    A FUCKING CLUB SANDWICH (which was my main thing I loved there)


    And I'm in a red state where things are fairly open and all.

  11. Well over at CNN there paying parents for there kids virginity so I think this is already bad and now your entire paycheck is useless… at what point do we declare bs and throw out these people in power and replace them with actual workers that fight for there country

  12. Bitcoin is snake oil… They want digital currency to track all transactions.. so when you post wrong think the can turn your currency off. I'm very surprised Luke is all over it when he used to rail on agenda 21 years ago saying they want digital currency to track trace and database all your transactions


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