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  1. When they first came out with the pictures of the hall there were two pi tures of the wine bottle in the hall. Problem was it was in two different places in the photos. When someone on utube pointed it out those pictures have not been seen since. I thought I saw that on this site. But you would remember i. I wish I could rememer.
    be it.

  2. Missed the first hour, so catching up now. Thanks Tug for all you do for Johnny. Not only do you have an amazing channel, but you have some of the most kindest people I have ever met. I've been a member for a very long time. I never talked on the chats, but always listened. I would make comments on your videos from time to time, but other than that I was quiet. The last few months I've been chatting and everyone has made me feel so welcomed. I thought I would take this Easter to tell everyone how much I appreciate and adore you all. I won't lie, it's been rough this last year, but all of you have made life a little easier for me. With much love and adoration, Anna 💜

  3. Eve's head is so far up Heard's rear from kissing it, she can't tunnel her way out of the lie. She actually believes Heard's a victim, and plays a victim herself. Pot, meet kettle, since Eve likes to accuse Depp supporters of harassment.

  4. They all lied to the judge they knew that Eve had a laptop and was passing notes back and fourth all of the lawyers knew she was not part of the legal team the judge even said I thought you were part of there legal team I wonder what the judge is thinking now about what Ambers side did I bet she is thinking these bitches are playing dirty as hell that should tell her what kind of person Amber is

  5. TUG I had to change to JD from you know what because Utube wouldn’t post it with his other name I took a screen shot of my original post it said 0s ago and after when I changed to JD it updated it to the time it should have been 11 minutes ago?

  6. If she had a broken nose and 2 black eye's. Who fixed them and did the Amica cream fix her nose from being crooked??? It takes 2 to 3 weeks for your nose to stop swelling and you have cotton up your nose. So, how did we miss that with her having such a thin nose? Amica Cream fix all that too? I had surgery for pancreatic cancer, and that cream does not hide the bruising it just helps it heal faster, but so does Vaseline. And, if she is so good with makeup to hide all that then putting on fake bruises should be a breeze… And, when do you pull hair out and lay it in 1 straight line? With No Roots??? Johnny must be the neatest beater in the world to help her keep evidence in order. And, Puss in her head really??? That would be bleeding not full of pus! I call BullCrap!!! Justice for Johnny!! No More Movies or anything with Amber Turd in it! Banning All Things A. Turd!!!

  7. Watching Amber smirking and passing notes… I am shocked that the judge allowed this to go on for so long. I fear JD will not get a fair trial in this court house.

  8. I bet 99.9% of the people supporting Johnny Depp are TRYING to get on that list. People world wide crying because they aren't being outed as Johnny supporters. Let's start our own list. Loud and proud. 😁 😆

  9. Eve's tweet sounds like AH promised her they would all be a family etc and now she's seeing behavior that makes her question AH true intentions and that she is being used. I doubt she wants to take off the rose colored glasses but this case progressing may not leave her a choice. Notice she's questioning AH intentions not JDs?

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