NEW: Kate Moss exposes Amber Heard’s lie in 3 minutes flat – Full Testimony from Johnny Depp Trial

Can we have lawtube commentators give the Sussman trial the same attention?

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  1. The ironic part of this, is that we both know, Depp has been portrayed as an abuser…
    Simply because he’s the male…
    Now, I think, everyone understands the “stereotype” being played out by Ms. Heard, in efforts to gin sympathy, for herself, and to create a false impression of what Depp is actually doing.
    I see Depp, as someone who has always been too shy, to stand up, to someone like Ms Heard…
    He’s quiet, generally withdrawn, and shows signs of being afraid to stand for himself…
    I am not saying he’s “an Angel”, but I am suggesting, he’s not the “monster” she has been trying to paint him, as…
    She seems to be playing some drama, and he looks embarrassed, and ashamed of what she says and does, but he’s trying desperately to keep himself from playing into it…

  2. The huge difference in both testimonies.. Kate Moss's testimony was stuttering, no drama face.. you can tell she's telling the truth.. unlike Amber's testimony.. excessive and exaggerated drama to the taken out of movie or something.. This trial is ridiculous at this point. The world knows who's who.. Johnny is real and raw.. Turd is desperate for money obviously and for fame.. I hope the jury is just and inclines towards the truth and not all the crap that Turds been trying to feed the world about Johnny.. we all know she's a liar and evil…

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