New Leftist RELIGION Had Seeds In 2018 Evergreen State College Debacle

Tim and Adam discuss what, exactly, happened at Evergreen State College in Washington in 2018 and what those clues tell us about what has evolved and is still happening in the religion that is leftism today, and Adam hints at a possible solution to the crazy, strange new religiosity – a college professor who has recently returned to the scene.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Tim, watch a comedy from the 90's called "PCU". This has been growing for A LOT longer .

    And the difference between religion and cults, Cults have live founders. Religion's are long dead.

  2. It's gratifying to hear young people speak about deep thoughts. So many children especially college educated Lilliputians cannot think clearly without group think.

  3. I have argued that intersectionalism and the extremist environmentalism were manifesting as non-theistic religions for a decade. I am a pastor that studied comparative religions and philosophies for my BA degree. One of my major PhD papers is on the topic. It really is a fascinating development and there is a body of research on religious thought from the perspective of MRI comparisons.

  4. If you can't shame Karl Marx for being a racist, you can't shame Hitler for being one either.

    Oops that ended badly.

    Maybe people should think Things through.

    Or Maybe the Left has been exposed.

  5. Anyone else find it ironic that the most privileged generation in existence seems to be obsessed with calling everyone else privileged?

  6. I agree about intersectionality being a religion. The one thing I agree with, as usual, is the pro-capitalistic views. For centuries capitalism has killed billions of people and continues to kill people. You mentioned Japan; they have coined a word for people who LITERALLY work themselves to death post-capitalism (過労死, Karōshi). Companies with divisions in Africa, Asia, and Latinamerica use slave labor to mine and create the commodities you take for granted. Everything you own and consume was made with blood, even the screen through which you're reading these words and the keyboard I used to type them. Capitalism pushes for war and profits.
    Furthermore capitalism has always been a cause of racial tensions (profitable conflict, divide and conquer) and corporations are behind a lot of the highly irresponsible "intersectionality mainstreaming" going on, how else did intersectionality become mainstreamed? It was corporations practicing capitalism.
    Capitalism causes poverty by unequal and inefficient distribution of necessities. Capitalism overproduces, meaning we have enough food to feed everybody and enough capital to enrich everybody on the planet. Capitalism overproduces and yet billions of people are still poor. How is this the best we can do? Capitalism is not this pure angel of progress and goodies. Just because the new fanatical religion is anti-capitalist doesn't mean we should be pro-capitalist "to own the libs". The neoliberals who push for intersectionality often shill for capitalism! Just like how the left is losing people over idpol to the alt-right, we shouldn't lose people to conventionalist, "class-blind" views of capitalism. We are losing people to extremism because of what capitalism has done to the world. It's time to stop being triggered by anti-capitalistic views with "welp communism killed 100-200 million!!!! might as well settle for corporate bootlicking" start discussion of a more humane alternative, beyond communism and beyond capitalism.

  7. It is not a religious sect. It is an atheist sect. Your core religious belief is that atheism is cool and makes sense, so you dump on religion, and refuse to admit it is irrational atheists (oxymoron) .

  8. "I will not take a course of action that will bring further death to my people. I will not risk open war." Tim and friends, conservatives, normies, etc

    "Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not." The alt right.

  9. Re-Evaluation Counseling organization has been pushing this ideology since the 1950s through a combination of Marxist ideology and emotional manipulation techniques from Scientology.

  10. Evergreen was simply a symptom of Marxist infiltration of the university system that has been going on for decades. McCarthy was right.

  11. The left claims to care about minorities, yet they ban Alex Jones for defending the rights of gay frogs. The left also hates the Kekistanis, the most oppressed political minority of 2016-2017, to the point they were driven to near extinction. The left's excuse was that Lord Kek was appropriated by the Green People, even though no one has worshipped the Frog God of Darkness in thousands of years by anyone. Also, Doctor Lobster was targeted by the minions Marxist nonsense. Lord Kek and Prophet Harambe help us.

  12. Communist are ignorant of what is free market capitalism and the basis of the American Revolution and gov protecting rights vs giving them. They point to cronyism without realizing thats the start of socialism, so their remedy is more of it. Remember monopolies can only exist w govt.

  13. Russia, China, Cuba and even North Korea survive today and have an increase in standard of living (N, Korea only has less people dying of starvation) only because they allow capitalism in varying degrees. Despite this fact the far left still condemns capitalism as the evil monster that destroys and enslaves people. There are fewer people per capita today living in extreme poverty than anytime in history. At 67 years old I have heard dozens upon dozens of doomsday predictions of our world ending as we know it. From running out of oil or oil shortages, new ice age, unprecedented heat, water shortages, food shortages resulting in world wide famine and the wars these problems would cause and yet here we are. It is free enterprise and market economies that have solved these problems, not Marxism.

  14. The dark secret with Evergreen College is very few graduates ever find real jobs. They just continue their indoctrination process as baristas at Starbucks coffee, which is one of the only companies in America that will tolerate their leftist, woke, entitled, snowflake, sodomite, perverted, sexual deviant behavior.

  15. Every problem I can find in organised religion, I can find just as bad or worse outside of religion. Corruption, hypocrisy, insincerity, fixated illogical views, justifying violence and war, judgmentalism, rabid dogmatism…. all of it.

    Since it's all just part of human nature, the only question seems to be what practices/ideas help reduce and control these problems and what what allows or even magnifies it? When you stop blaming religions for creating things that they didn't create, and just step back and look at how well each group does at controlling or reducing these things that are part of human nature, then almost all religions do a better overall job than almost all the non religious ideaologies/groups.

  16. Would it not had been good for Bret to ”leave” first place, take some days off, or give lectures in the forest, and let the minorities at the campus realize how lost they are without white people.