New MMWR CDC study compares covid myocarditis to vax myocarditis | Is it good science?

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  1. It is ok I will never take another shot because I got over it on my own despite my comorbidities. Feeds I was tested positive at work with a Bianix brand test. Might I mention all the stuff they sterilize they swabs with is a very known cancer causing agent. Overweight 53 now burst compression fracture of L1 7/4/2019 plus arthritis probably 2 types & undiagnosed anglosing sponditlytis. This first part of November 2020 sorry I have never ever gotten a resident sick from my cough & that is mostly what I had so sorry Gates & all the rest you didn't manage to kill me yet. Yes I did lose taste & smell. But I have never coughed or barked like a seal so much since second grade. My mom always stuck me on antibiotics for junk like this. Well guess what I managed to get over it all on my own. No doctor no meds. I had a severe reaction to my last flu shot about 6 years ago so I am done. Recently told a RN my symptoms from then & she indicated MS possibly I thought it was more Guillian Barre related. I will never put any more poison in my son either he is 12 & has a family history of males in his family dropping over dead some in their 40's of a widow maker type attack. My mom had several attacks when I was 16 was saved & died 13 years later. I would never risk any more poison's put in my system. Too many unknown's around the ingredients. Are there aborted fetal cells in it. Because in that case it is a big religious NO for me & no I don't go to church every Sunday but yes I was brought up in a traditional Lutheran church who has now turned semi Catholic in ways due to population around & travel distance to next closest Catholic church. My mom was mostly brought up Catholic.

  2. Just further proof that those with an agenda really don't follow the science. This topic is just more visible bc enough real doctors can see thru the obfuscation and call out the errors. Not so easy on other topics.

  3. To all the good people out there.
    You’ll just have to get used to the idea that you are on your own. Don’t blame the politicians, scientists, doctors, the FDA, CDC, WHO etc, for looking after themselves. Time for you to do the same. No excuses…after all, your only lying to yourself.

  4. Said well right at the end with "uncritical tweeting". They just liked it because it helped them feel better about their decision to be on a side (the side the science TM). Never mind if it's sound or not.

  5. It is appalling at what passes for science these days. I thought political science was an oxymoron when I was an undergraduate back in the 70s. Now we have politically corrupted science which is really just plain old propaganda and we should be calling it what it is. The CDC is clearly now a propaganda arm of the government and not a science based health organization.

  6. I dont believe a word from, CDC< WHO< FDA< WEF
    Suddenly they bring up myocarditis after 2 years.
    Obfuscation, Maniupulation, intimidation, deceiption, diversion, deciet.
    I am 60, will NEVER get any VAX.

  7. One reason the hospitals/doctors are so resistant to give a jab induced myocarditis diagnosis is because some health insurance companies are rejecting payment of those bills, based on the fact it was a non FDA approved product that caused the health issue, EUA does not equal FDA approved.

  8. I cannot fathom how anyone could believe any "study" as if the year 2020 never happened. 2020 the year of the pandemic, the year of arguably the most pathogenic strain of this virus and no mass incidents of myocarditis. Enter 2021 and within weeks of a MASSIVE rollout of you now what said cases begin to skyrocket. I mean it's not rocket science people.

  9. In my family of 4, all of us were exposed to covid around Thanksgiving 2020. My wife had the first symptoms, and because she worked in Healthcare she was tested and found to be positive. Rumors of a vaccine passport were already being discussed at this time so I wanted to be tested in hopes that if I was positive that would count as having antibodies and therefore exempt me from needing the vaccine. They would not test the rest of my family, told us to assume we were positive, and quarantine for 14 days. The rest of us had mild symptoms similar to a cold. My daughters roommate had Covid symptoms at the same time followed by everyone in her family of 4. Only her mother was tested due to working in Healthcare. I'm sure we would have all tested positive, but as it stands only 2 out of 8 were counted. I believe I've had all three strains of Covid. I did test positive using an at home test about a month ago after exposure and cold like symptoms, but that is not part of the CDC's data since i have no idea how to report it. The numbers the CDC has is worthless IMO.

  10. TELL ME THIS: if myocarditis is WAY WAY WAAAAAAY HIGHER woth Covid infection then WHY didn't we see that in 2020 when the Alpha variant was raging?? As far as i can remember the Myocarditis thing started after they started vaccinating…

    So we only have to compare myocarditis cases from 2020 and 2021, 2022..

  11. 22 years isn't an "adolescent" that is the Teen years, 22 is a young adult.

    I read a study which suggested under the age of 45 the risk of Myocarditis or Thrombocytopenia is greater after vaccines then getting Covid

  12. Perhaps you should examine the paper looking at Big 10 athletes who contracted COVID-19. You will find that 2.3% of those young people had myocarditis. The title is “Prevalence of clinical and subclinical myocarditis in competitive athletes with recent SARS-CoV-2 infection”. Subclinical myocarditis during a viral infection can lead to sudden death that is only detected at autopsy.
    There is also a recent publication in The Lancet which concludes that myopericarditis associated with COVID mRNA vaccines is no greater than that associated with the flu vaccine and significantly less than that associated with the smallpox vaccine. The authors also point out that the risk of vaccine myopericarditis needs to be balanced against all of the potential risks of COVID-19 infection, not just myopericarditis.
    Finally, there is another study looking at symptomatic myocarditis requiring hospitalization due to mRNA vaccination and in that study, nearly 90% of the patients were treated with NSAIDs alone. A vastly different treatment paradigm compared to virally-induced myocarditis. The authors point out that, in general, viral myocarditis leads to death or heart transplant in 6% of the cases, neither of which have occurred due to mRNA vaccination.

  13. It's not even that the MMWR have published a lot of bad studies. It's the doctors and scientists etc who read it with inability to assess a particular studies' worth that's the bigger issue. It's part of the bigger peer review picture and some people assessing it are needing tu o improve their logic skillsets…

  14. Be nice if the truth about the MMR vaccines be exposed. I have a 4 year old granddaughter that had a fever and a skin break out after her first MMR shot. She hasnt been the same. 💩 head government.

  15. 65+ healthy female. I remained in a “wait & see” mode following my own intuition. I had very little outside contact during the spread of Delta while getting lots of Vitamin D daily through walks & individual outdoor activity, supplements & eating healthy.
    Recently recovered from a mild case of Omicron.
    One size fits all is unreasonable and unnecessary.

  16. My skepticism over government information and advice regarding covid knows no limits.

    I looked up symptoms to compare colds (as we knew them in the olden days), allergies, and the flu. Many overlaps in all three categories. I have had these ailments from time to time over a long lifetime and had no trouble discerning one from the other. BTW do colds and allergies even exist any longer? I am sticking with old fashioned commonsense and only observing the conflicting reportage comedy out of curiosity as to when sanity may finally prevail.

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