NEW! Never Before Seen! Amber Heard 2016 Deposition Testimony PART 6! #AmberHeard #JohnnyDepp #metoo

Another busy week but just days between lives still isn’t too bad! This is part 6 of Amber Heard’s never before seen 2016 deposition testimony! We are nearing the end. This will complete Volume 3. Come join the conversation if you can!

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  1. She honestly believes Johnny was abusing her because he was talking in a louder voice than usual and you could tell it really really hurt her little feelings.
    Omg this woman has NEVER known abuse in her life! Not physically anyway. She's such a narcissist she thinks someone hurting her feelings IS abuse!
    She was willing to destroy Johnny depp because he had finally had enough of HER abuse and told her he didn't want her anymore….which was his first mistake going about it…he should have sent her a txt msg lol and he shouldn't have given her so many chances to come back to him but I guess he knows now what a liar and a manipulater she is…he's very very lucky to get out of that situation alive! If it hadn't been for his body guards he wouldn't be with us today! Bless you for getting all the info out to expose that cheap floozie.

  2. I think the whole family was in on the con. They thought they had Johnny broken for their riding but Amber is just too vicious and couldn't cooperate. Imagine calling another human your 'spirit animal'.

  3. JD was so abusive and problematic yet she stayed. in his penthouse by herself all the time with her gang who feared for her safety yet they all kept living off of JD. SMH 🤦‍♀️ how unbelievable is all of this. Very. Still can’t act. Lol.

  4. This woman can't tell the truth even to a simple yes or no answer! What a sociopath! And the lawyer is not much better, why do I suspect she has used her talents to manipulate him as well? lol…the only defense he didnt use was liar liar pants on fire! If the poo was a practical joke, she would have used plastic poo! She is sick! Anyone that did this, is capable of much more, I still say Johny is blessed he got out with his life. I believed she planned much more!

  5. I hope you two actually have some self-care routines to cleanse yourself of the defendant and her negative energy. She is like a black hole that drains the life out of you when you go near. Take care of yourself.❤️

  6. I believe that there is a perfect person for her .. it's the person seated right beside her … Her lawyer is equally argumentative and entitled as her …they both would make a great couple .. a great couple of what is the ❓ hats off to Blair for standing up for herself 👍

  7. Since the break, I guess the drugs (or whatever she took)seems like it is hitting her now. She looks high. Lol slow nods and slower slurring ,even some softer, answers . A lot of the lip licking. Head tilting, droopy eyes. Lol .

  8. I have a love/hate relationship with these depos…. I really enjoy watching them because I'm nosy I guess but I absolutely HATE watching them because she makes ME want to throw my phone at her!! I just can't get over the fact that she thinks she is getting away with something and people believe her! 🤦🤦 And don't even get me started on her attorney!!

  9. You two are really thoughtless in your comments about Ambers parents. You don’t disagree that Amber was abused as a child by her father but you claim he was some kind of gentleman who had to lie about talking to Depp when Amber is an adult. It makes no sense.

  10. Omg that woman is absolutely insane! Staying with her for a day I’d myself start drinking heavily. One can’t possibly survive her erratic presence without numbing all senses that are screaming RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN

  11. I dated a guy for three years who was a narcissist and they all follow the exact same patterns. Just following her antics triggers my ptsd from my relationship. She is the poster child for Narcissism thats what she should have wrote her op ed about how she had to gaslight and lie to keep Johnny coming back for more abuse. And their victims are so conflicted inside cause the good times are soooo good that you will put up with so much hoping for those good moments . Its like a drug addiction. Also I tweeted to youtube for you back when you needed monetized. I'm glad it worked.

  12. AH's laywer: We need a break, how can you keep her going while she's upset and crying?
    Reality: She isn't crying, she has not dropped a single tear, she has only shifted her tone to pretend being upset lol

  13. It’s INSANE how this moron (AH) can’t give a simple answer to what are very simple questions 🤦🏼‍♀️ Every question is followed by some long winded story barely relative to the question. And her council likes to jump in with “argumentative” but he’s the only person in the room being “argumentative”🤣

  14. Thank you Brian and Jax ! You both are so nice and friendly . I absolutely love when you give some commentary it makes it so interesting to hear some input and facts. Thank you !! 💛👍🏼

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