The Digital ID rollout has begun

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  1. Wow, who would have seen this coming. The Grubberment creating a one-stop shop for hackers. Simply brilliant…. Crims facilitating crims.
    🐦🐦 of the same feather…..they hack together.

  2. The Optus hack was a fabricated lie, so the government could start the ball rolling for your social credit score. They tried to use COVID to implement it but that narrative collapsed, so they needed another scam to scare the public. It's all complete BS.

  3. They will get their wish as too many are gullible and apathetic. If it infringes on their comfort they will comply. Only when their Communist hell hole makes their life so miserable will they realise what they have done and maybe not even then.

  4. Utter dribble this is nothing more than extension of control of you and your personal data on a grater level than before, and this garbage of being hack proof is just that! garbage no system but no system is hack proof, sooner or later some hacker somewhere will breach it and they will not only have access to a part of your information as they currently do, but it will be to all of it!

  5. 'The personal data is only kept on the personal device' – what a load of crap. How is the personal data cross-checked against the data on the government database? Presumably some kind of 'info' has to be sent from the phone to the government database in order to cross check its validity……soooo…'s not solely kept on the personal device, is it?! I'm so against all this happening in my state (NSW) it's not funny. The strange thing is, it's being bought in by a political party that once (yet no longer) existed to protect personal freedoms as one of its pillars. I'll resist the digital driver's licence as long as I can and will do the same with anything else they want to digitise. Give me a physical card anyday over having such info stored on my phone! They can't hack a physical card!

  6. Digital identity is why hackers are able to get info in the first place, these cyber attacks are being done by the government to bring in this digital ID exactly what we’ve all been warned about. They create the problem then pretend to be the saviours while all along this is their agenda for one world controlled government and economic slavery of the people.

  7. Hahahahaha!!!… Trust the criminals in government.. Because.. 90% of ignorant-peasants voted them into power and control of their lives.. Because.. On planet BDSM.. The 90% are?.. Submissive

  8. Hahah I got banned for saying this was coming ,and all this is happening for a reason this is on tv and it’s ok..we said was coming ..let’s see if I get banned altogether like you tube said I was in violation but turns out it’s true now …why because I said it’s a plan to go digital and scare everyone into doing it ..the whole media is a scam all types all platforms can’t talk unless they want you too or they are ready for info to spread or come out yet ..🙏🏼🙏🏼🤦🏼‍♂️

  9. Seems like a good solution 😂

    Mass hysteria aside… going digital is not the real answer. I mean, will they guarantee our data is protected, NO. But having a central location of data, yes, sort of when compared to sharing PII with 10 different companies.

    And, all the people who get a knee-jerk by the sight of “digital-id”, I don’t know what is your real deal. Basically, you are creating a digital version of your physical IDs, issued by the government in the first place. It is not secret only your mama knows. So, spare the hysteria without any rationale.

  10. Had a bet with friends that this would be announced any day.
    Create a problem , wait for the reaction, then give the solution.
    I'm sure most 5heeple love the idea not understanding what lies ahead

  11. I didn’t vote for this so the answer is no! What happens when someone has all their information on their phone and they lose their phone or break it. Doesn’t sound like a good plan to me. Answer is still no!

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