New Omicron Variant Only an Issue Because 93% Are Metabolically SICK

A new report exp 6% of Americans have optimal cardiometabolic health, putting them at risk for all sorts of diseases.

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  1. As you know Mike the government is the problem.
    We are the cattle for the medical cartel.
    One solution separate the FDA into the drug administration and The food administration, why are they even connected

  2. Your videos have been excellent Mike , have you read disolving illusions by Suzanne Humphries (incase you wanted to go down a rabbit hole ) ?

    I hope you and the fam are well and this stuff isn’t getting to ya 🏄

  3. Get it touch with me I'm in that 3% club at 38 yrs old. I have a lot to offer on the topic truly. Personal and professional interests both align with this cause. Great video, extremely relevant.

    I'm gonna make a 3%er patch over a burger in front of an upside down flag.

  4. No such thing as, “variants”. But if you believe in virology, no variant is ever stronger, and variants are less than .5% different than the, “viruses”, they vary from. If you ask “virologist”: even if a variant was 50% different, your antibodies would immediately stop it from causing you issues. It’s hilarious that covaids is the only virus that one seemingly can never get antibodies for, even after a total global exposure and a mass global immunization program. It’s hilarious the level stupidity present in the world. No herd immunity for covaids? 🙄 Magical virus! 🙄 You know what’s making people sick now? The experimental poisons they took! Period. Can they shed their poisons to others? Some say yes, and it kinda looks like that’s happening. But that was part of the plan.

  5. Researchers quickly figured out that the coronavirus bind to ACE2 receptors. They also knew that human fat has ACE2 receptors. More fat a person has, more susceptible to severe complications he/she is. What have medical professionals in US government done in last two years on this fact?

  6. Triathlete here…don;'t assume you won't get sick if you are fit. I know of Ironman triathletes who can no longer climb stairs…j/s ppl.

  7. There has never been a better time to be an alternative/functional medicine healthcare practitioner. I cover this material every day in the clinic. Some patients are completely clueless about diet and lifestyle improvement. But most people are very receptive to, and appreciate, this kind of information.

  8. Anyway to find out how many of your subscribers are in the healthy end of this.
    People of similar energy seem to link up.
    You say you have 500,000 + subs
    If les than 3.2% of US populations is optimal, how many of us subs are in that 3.2 percent.
    We all love you & how you bring facts & wise experience based in your passion of raising frequency.
    Keep doing it, no matter how many are listening or partaking!
    What matters is our example not our view 🤗🙏👀

  9. My wife feeds me nice pastries (albeit with better ingredients and less sugar). She complains I am too thin! (I am back to my 20's weight). It is hard to win. My pension feeds her. We think she would get it

  10. Great podcast🤗
    During lockdown in Australia there was a rise in home delivered junk food
    This made people more reluctant to move and now the home delivered food is still very popular
    We have learnt nothing about responsibility for our own health
    First line of defence when these individuals get sick is blame the government 🧐

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