New Proof Emerges About the Hunter Biden Laptop: a Definitive Account of the CIA/Media Fraud.

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On this episode of SYSTEM UPDATE with Glenn Greenwald: New evidence on Tuesday proved what has long been clear: that documents about Joe Biden from the Hunter Biden laptop were authentic. Big Tech censorship in the weeks before the 2020 election of these genuine documents is one of the most severe assaults on free speech and a free election in years. That the corporate media was their key ally by endorsing and spreading a CIA lie — that these documents were “Russian disinformation” — makes this episode even more grave.

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Glenn, I agree but half the country simply does not care, and, indeed, may even support a deliberate media misinformation campaign to take down Mr. Trump or Republican opposition. And you putting egg in their face all day won’t change that.

  2. I hope the Republicans take the House and Senate in 2022.
    They will then have the power to launch investigations into the FBI CIA on their biases and weed out the foreign operatives. Also change Sect 230 to hold FB Google and Instagram to account for their censorship and biases.

  3. Keep on shinning the light in these corrupt journalists. Is this what they are teaching now in journalism classes? I had no idea that my loathing for them could sink any lower.

  4. Glenn, you say Trump is the most "corrupt president" ever, and bemoan distractions of it from "the left's.conspiracy theories" – however YOU are distracting from his corruption by focusing solely on these grievances, and very little else.
    So, why don't you actually >balance things out a little bit< and spend a bit of time telling us why you believe trump is the most corrupt president ever, and in
    your words "reality show host, a clown"?

  5. "A moral man must be a free man, and a free man must be an UNMOTIVATED man." — the Bhagavad Gita

    As long as journalists are "motivated" and BEHOLDEN TO careerism, clinging to popular narratives, corporate interests, and just simply wanting to "be liked"….we will NEVER have mainstream journalists who seek out the UGLY TRUTH; rather, they will continue to sleep good at night with COMFORTABLE LIES.

  6. If anyone really onvestogsted the biden family as a whole and follow the money I'm sure it'd be an explosion of crimes he had the balls to threaten funds being held over his sons bad business dealings

  7. They did that one dude dirty too including fox amd the rest so called roght media he came.on and was gone now here we are again this is like being on a hamster wheel never getting off no one ever being held responsible
    Hes probably broke while hunter is selling his fake ass paintings and running a scam I don't think he knows how to not lie a scam seriously 😳

  8. Don't you worry. The level of contempt that I have for corporat presstitutes is definitely enough. Way more than enough if it was shared by enough people.
    Those people belong to the officer class of distributed mass murderers, those who through their summary actions are responsible for such much misery in the world, but their complicity is obfuscated through indirect and complex chains of causation.
    Let's not forget the cynicism of society that the Pulitzer Prize for excellence in journalism is named after someone significantly responsible for the breakout of a long military war, motivated by market share.
    I also want to warn about the karmic disaster potential by pointing out there was an infamous Austrian-German politician once who was particularly disgusted by the 'lockstep fake news media' to the point of getting so disillusioned by the true reponsible party – the People – that he decided to treat them like the savage rabble they are and use the same methods to control (actually just lead) them.

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