New Report: US Sabotaged Ukraine Peace Talks

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Former US official Fiona Hill reported in Foreign Affairs last week that peace talks between Ukraine and Russia, in which Russia would release Ukraine territories like Crimea in return for Ukraine not joining NATO, were knowingly sabotaged by the US.

Tell your friends: the US does not care about Ukrainians.

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  1. It was reported at the time that Ukraine President Zelensky had was willing to accept Russia's demands and end the fighting.
    When I read the reports, I naturally assumed, "great! the killing will cease."
    Then there was nothing. Silence. No mention of Ukraine's president finalizing the agreements reported in previous news articles.
    After a while, the US and UK came out against Russia. Their rhetoric suggested that the war would end when Putin was no longer Russian President.
    I figured what to me was obvious; that the US and UK browbeat Ukraine President Zelensky into changing his views on ending the war.

    All this I (and I figured everyone else paying attention) knew at the time it happened. That said, reports like this–months after the fact–are confusing to me, because they make it apparent that almost no one understood what was taking place back then. Further adding to my confusion was, how did everyone not see what was taking place and not realize what was happening back in April?

  2. "We live entangled in webs of endless deceit. We live in a highly indoctrinated society, where fundamental truths are easily buried. Such as, the fact that we invaded South Vietnam. Or the fact that we're standing in the way of significant, and have for years, significant moves towards arms negotiation. Or the fact the military system is to a substantial extent a mechanism by which the general population is compelled to provide a subsidy to high technology industry. Since they're not going to do it if you ask them to, you have to deceive them into doing it."

    —Noam Chomsky, 1988

    It's the same old story, all over again… Decade after decade… What we're doing in Ukraine is nothing new!

  3. Yes, they also had the Minsk-Agreements, which Ukraine just flat out refused to apply, IF they had problems with Donbass regions. goes way back to 2015, if i remember correctly. And co-signatories were France and Germany.

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  5. not exactly. This IS the (proxy-) war of the USA against not only Russia, but the whole European continent. Planned and prepared under O'banana and initiated by Biden senior himself, who, thanks to his borderline-IQ messed it all up. Ironically, those nato – members trusted the US to deliver energy while knowing, that the USA is de facto bankrupt since decades and now led by a corrupt, senile and completely incompetent fool in adult diapers, who talks and acts like an idiot on ckrack and can't even repeat a simple sentence despite having an earplug, teleprompter and 20 helpers.

  6. My views has changed of late—yes, the US is using Ukrainians etc etc, was in total agreement of the BS "we'll fight Russia to the last Ukrainian." But what has swayed me away from that is the fact that the war has overwhelming support from the Ukrainian people–so there's a sort of inverted arrogance or something to continue taking the old critique….so that what? We should abandon the Ukrainians, and bargain for a peace they don't want (i.e. giving up the land they've already lost?)

  7. Typical aaron mate source on important information “It was reported“

    After he talks about Fiona Hill, he goes on to talk about some thing that was reported, but doesn’t say who reported it. Investigative journalism at its best SMH

  8. Grayzone, Glenn Greenwald, Jimmy Dore, breaking points, useful idiots, Michael tracey call Matt all you guys turned out to be so incredibly wrong on this whole thing. Don’t try and gaslight us now. You’ll continue to be wrong with this tactic

  9. America should stay out of any talks with Ukraine/Russia.
    And basically everyone else in the world – friend or foe.
    At least until we get a competent administration in office.

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