New Reporting Corroborates Wuhan Biolab Theory, China KNEW Of Human Transmission And LIED

Breaking news indicates that China knew the Wuhan virus actually came from a biolab in the town, but chose not to share this information with the global community. Tim and Adam examine some of the possible motivations for China’s actions.

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  1. Wow… I'm totally shocked and taken completely off guard with this news. What's next? The globalist left released the virus to kill boomers (conservative/populist voters) and the economy and used Chinese wet markets as an easy scapegoat?

  2. No. If you actually processed the article at all, the WHO innocently believing the CCP without question is a total non-sequitur. IF it is true that the virus originated in a lab, for the purposes of CCP propaganda going "see, we are just as good as anyone else at identifying and mitigating viruses and diseases" to the rest of the world, and then royally screwed up in the process letting the virus loose, and have been since trying to do a massive cover up job, as the report speculates, and the WHO happens to release a statement on the outbreak parroting what the CCP had to say on the matter on the same date as when the CCP supposedly knew about it then it stands to reason that the WHO has been complicit from the start.

    Check this out, Tim: the CCP "finds" a "novel" corona virus, announces to the world they discovered it, contained it and do whatever else with it – there is a possibility here that it could be that they wanted it to infect a bunch of people in a localized area, then pretend to discover it and then swiftly contain it and develop a "world first vaccine" or something for it. In fact it is perhaps even more likely that this is the case, when one considers the fact that there have been rumblings of this new sickness as far back as November. Either way, they make an announcement to the world, and since they have a "friends with benefits relationship" with the WHO, the WHO was also to put out a statement on China's achievement, praising China and her abilities. China has a shiny lab and a bunch of scientists they were keen to promote. This was the arrangement and their original plan.

    However, the virus broke containment on accident or through negligence, or it was on purpose but it quickly became much worse then they anticipated and were unprepared. Now word is spreading through the public of an outbreak of a new virus in China that is fast becoming a pandemic, but runs against CCP's plans. So they try to keep a lid on it. Eventually it becomes clear they can't and the rest of the world knows about the outbreak now, and are starting to point fingers at China. WHO – the ever faithful friend and ally of the CCP – then inadvertently has the task of running cover for China/the CCP, towing the line set out by the CCP, trying to dissuade the global community of the threat or seriousness, and will do so multiple times. The CCP themselves was silent, but behind the scenes was trying to suppress information – like those doctors. Thusly, the WHO and CCP were trying to cover for the situation and bide some time for the CCP to get it back under control, in a bid to salvage some of the plan and spin it for propaganda.

    Now SHTF. So instead of the aim being to use this as a PR victory (which they were still trying to do with the "we have no new cases everything is fine, our response was the best and everyone is behind is, don't you agree WHO?" gambit), they are trying to use this to hurt and disrupt western and asian nations (all of which China is unfriendly towards), their economies, and to take advantage of those weakened economies world wide to put themselves in a superior position. And that's not mentioning the damage they are doing to Africa right now through their neo-colonial loan shark projects, questionable doctors, and even more questionable supplies (some of which are contaminated or have been used already). They are also now trying to run other PR gambits like the "everyone is racist against China/Chinese" which all the progressive useful idiots (including the press) fell for, the "look at good guy China giving medical supplies (which are faulty) to other countries" act, and the aforementioned "no new cases, nothing to see here, except our really low totally-not-fake numbers, we were the best in handling the situation".

  3. China Lied to WHO, Taiwan picked up the Chinese response on the 7th day and immediately shut down all travel to and from China and any travellers were immediately placed into quarantine whether they showed any symptoms or not hence the lack of cases in Taiwan.

  4. All jokes aside, the motivation to "demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States.." seems a bit fishy.
    Why in God's name would Chinese think they are on par with the US in the biomedical field?? I mean.. they send their students TO THE USA, not the other way around, and there is a reason for it. Also, Chinese government knows very well who works for them — Chinese doctors! If you ever had to go to doctor who was Chinese (no matter where he studied) you know what I'm talking about…

  5. NOT a bio weapon? All you have to do is to look at the results. China does not care for its own people – think Tiananmen Square. So you know they don’t care about anybody else. I believe this was a bio weapon that got out of hand, and it’s doing what bio weapons do. If it is true that it is recurring in people, then you know it was a genetically modified virus. I will always believe that it was done on purpose unless given proof to the contrary.

  6. No, you don't have Brett wrong. He literally is the definition of "Just the facts.". He and Bill Hemmer are prime examples of what journalists are supposed to be.

  7. THE WHO IS LYING! It's clear as day! How can you even question that at this point? They're obviously deep in the pockets of the Chinese pharma industry.

  8. All the main stream news all comes from one source and they all parrot each other word for word.

    There is an information war going on right now.

  9. Nancy Pelosi delivered articles of impeachment Jan 15th Tim… What better of a way to shut down the American and the world economy then infecting their own people with corona-virus and sending them overseas. Patient zero arrived on the morning of Jan 15th from wuhan. THE SAME FUCKING DAY the articles of impeachment arrived from nancy pelosi.

  10. Youtube will take down anything that contradicts the World health Organization.
    The World Health Organization tween that states that there is no evidence of human to human transmission is still up.
    RIP your channel, you failed to comply with the ministry of truth.

  11. German intelligence has confirmed, A it was a bio weapon, B it was purposeful. China literally hit the world with a bio weapon. As a warning. They must be universally nuked to glass. We cut a deal with Putin, and him and Taiwan can have what's left, and we all launch, oh and India they get a cut, guarentee they will launch, then just bifarcuate China, no longer a nation, we could release the launch to keep 100,000 survivors so theres enough to work. If we don't take out China, they will take us out, anyone wonder what they put on the dark side of the moon? Guarentee it wasn't farming. This was purposeful.