New Rule: F*** tha Casting Police | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Hollywood has to stop listening to the casting police and go back to picking the best actor for the role.

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It’s HBO.

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  1. Ignorant rant! Sounding more and more like Trump every day. It ignores the fact that not all the best actors are getting these roles. Also ignores the fact that trans actors are not getting non trans roles like they should be. Are asian people getting white people roles? It's completely ignorant. There are better actors then Franco who are Latino. Nice touch adding the antisemitism that there are too many Jews in hollywood.

  2. As an Italian Plumber, I’m truly happy John Liguizamo is finally being called out for his affront to my people. Now excuse me while I warp down a pipe, I have to kick a turtle in the face.

  3. also, no more race/gender bending in superhero movies. sick of it too.

    black canary is now black
    batgirl is now black
    batwoman is now black
    starphire (titans) is now black
    domino (deadpool) is now black
    tulip (preacher) is now black
    death (sandman) is now black

    for all the talk about diversity, is it just me or is the quota skewing disproportionately high to black women?

  4. The sad truth is that liberalism always required some level of wisdom and intelligence. That is why only the educated elites of the enlightenment embraced it in the late 18th century. Now, the value of a college education has been so completely debauched that people are achieving degrees they don't really deserve and are allowed a voice in academia they aren't intellectually equipped to have. They then spout a bunch of inane claptrap that impressionable young college students eat up like lap dogs. Somewhere along the way intelligence was replaced with righteous indignation brought on by made up offenses. The ability to be offended granted people with social cache, and they cashed in.

  5. To play devil's advocate, they are playing a role and they have to fit the role, and part of fitting the role is looking like the role.

    A White guy playing a Hispanic character can probably pass but a White guy playing a Black or Asian character does not pass.

  6. Better be carefully, Bill. You're sounding like a constitutional conservative. Rights go both ways, best person for the job, equal opportunity, not equal outcome….

  7. And finally, new rule. Bill Maher gets to pretend to be a moderate until he has some juicy, ratings boosting, imaginary dirt on Trump and his supporters, then he makes a hard left turn. Hey Bill, why don’t you just stay in your lane, the far left lane.

  8. James Franco, isnt he the creep that couldn't keep his hands off young girls? lol. Hollywood is trash, their movies are trash. Imagine being so pressed for defending a rich small club of over paid nepotism brats. The decline of Hollywood and actor adoration is dying. Social media and the influencer is killing it. I guess its a boomer thing…

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