New SCOTUS Assignment Ignites Rumors of Trump Victory Plan, Media REPOSTS Outright LIES About Trump

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  1. I do hope that trump manages to pull this off, but if he doesn’t, I at least hope that Barr will appoint a special counsel before Biden takes office. If he doesn’t, any of these investigations will be shut down immediately.

    We need multiple special counsels actually. Durham should be upgraded to one. We need one to look into the Ukraine and China dealings with Biden. And we need one for investigating the 2020 election. None of them will ever see justice otherwise.

  2. Remember when the media told us there is more than enough evidence to impeach President Trump, that he will be removed from office and prosecuted??? How did that turn out???? ? Now the media is saying there is no evidence of election fraud. Nothing to see here! The evidence will be presented to the judges and the courts before any of it will be released to the media because that is how it works. The media is corrupt and has to be held accountable for their lies, for there deceit and for interfering in our elections.

  3. Mail-in votes have magnified corruption in the U.S. voting system, which indicates three (3) conspirators that perpetrated massive fraud in democrat-corrupt cities of contested states (i.e. 75% Democrat/25% Republican where Democrats own the Election Board, Sheriff, courts, D.A.):
    1. Democrat organization – motive to install Biden as president.
    2. Dominion Voting Systems (Canada) / Smartmatic (Spain, Germany) – Dominion provides ballot machines. Smartmatic processes data collected by ballot machines. Dominion's software allows fractional voting (i.e. 1 vote = 1.25 votes) and provides administrative tools to instantly delete batches of votes. Software security/integrity is very poor and can be easily compromised with multiple back-doors intentionally built in to manipulate voting counts. Smartmatic has a history of aiding Socialist/Communist dictators; they were founded for the specific purpose of fixing the elections in Venezuela (for Hugo Chavez / Nicolas Maduro) and Argentina. 27 states allowed a Canadian company that specializes in voter fraud to send American votes to foreign countries to be calculated/counted/processed/tallied.
    3. Mainstream Media (including Big Tech) – MSM lying about evidence, distracting away from issues, promoting Biden and desperate to "call" election for him. Big tech censoring claims and evidence of fraud/interference/improprieties.

  4. The idea that you say that Trump's reasoning is not official is kind of silly. He is the president. Only the idiots in MSM pretend that what he's doing is not official or serious.

  5. I am Canadian, but when I look in to see the "news" in the US, I think The Leftist Cultist Media is insane. Only NPCs would believe the BS they are reporting.
    Bitchute comment

  6. Sorry if I get the spelling wrong…but 100% agree with that statement from Micheal Malik….if THEY weren't SCARED…..why is the PROPAGANDA MACHINE in FULL SWING!! POUNDING a NARRATIVE into your SKULLS!! Anyone can SEE THEY ARE FLAT OUT LYING! Pretty much EVERYTHING they have been SPEWING to the public for the past 4 + years has been BULLSHIT n people STILL trust THEM! Are you Fkn KIDDING ME!!! wow BUT….. here we are….BE A GOOD SHEEP, SHUT UP n BOW!!

  7. Why does Tim stand by the idea that there is no plan of the left working against Trump when the media is lying to people about Trump and the left and forcing people to certify. If the left really was clueless about everything going on and it was independent people commuting such acts then the left themselves wouldn’t threaten others. Trump wasn’t suppose to win in 2016 and they tried for 4 years to get him out of office and this is basically their last chance.

  8. Tim, you know that Biden didn't win. No one was excited about him. He didn't even campaign. He couldn't fill a small room. Everyone knows Trump won. Even the people who are glad Trump "lost" know he actually won. You know there was mail in voting fraud. You know there was election fraud. We see election irregularities so statistically impossible that we know they can't happen. We see voting irregularities so uniform that they could only be caused by a computer switching votes. If you don't see fraud, it's because YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE IT.

  9. Everyone knows that the government is infiltrated,The FBI,The justice system entirely,Even Bill Barr has shown he is suspect at the least.This will nto be settled in the court room.Republicans are greedy and have to much to lose congresionally and senate wise.Its pathetic but there is no justice using the system.
    That leaves things to the American people to handle it.Our forefathers knew this would happen…I think its been happening for a long time anyway only this time they knew they had gotten away with it so much that they could commit fraud right in front of us and nothing would be done.The morons on the left and the fence sitters will sit by and watch this country burn…After its over and were basically a 3rd world nation and china is running the globe I hope that everyone who helped this happen and those who supported it are haunted by the memory of there part in the collapse of america…
    For all you gun lovers…well biden has come out and said that there will be a tax on all guns…including and especially those that we already own.The Commie puppet is already laying the ground work to take away our guns.Not that it matters becouse without the power to hold officials feet to the fire you have NO rights.Without legal,none fraudulant elections you have given up your rights and burned the constitution.Laugh or dont believe it.I mean at this rate with the way things are going I wouldnt be surprised to see armored trucks mobilizing and marchal law declared if they can get biden in.Chuckle it up tho…Hey at least then the idiots on the radical left can titter that they beat donald trump pfft….and brought in REAL authoritarians and communists.
    At the end of the day patriots of America(who want to see it be here in 3 years) are going to have to take this into our own hands and remove those in government and allow working class joes in office.Its the only way that I can see to get these entrenched commies pieces of shit out of office.We all thought Ilhan Omar wouldnt…couldnt win re election…I mean who the Fu*k voted for that insetual P.O.S?How about Nancy"Not reagan"Pilose…again who the hell voted her back into office?She is reviled all over America I dont even see dems or the left who want her in office…wich begs the question of…how do these dems rarely if ever(Until death) stay in power?The election Fraud isnt the first time this happened we were just paying attention this time.
    If your like Tim Pool and feel that you HAVE to pander to both sides and you dont have any morals or a line in the sand(Tim pool was one of the first to jump off the wagon when there were bumps in the road,He is not helping anyone on either side.I just happened to see his headline and decided to watch and to my surprise whats he doing…flip flopping like a freaking fish out of water from one side to another….wichever side gets him the most money) then you will be fine for the first month or so…as long as you dont mind living under the facist regeme that ANTIFA and BLM has helped get into office.