New “Star Witness” Comes Forward at January 6th Hearing 😂

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  1. "Ugh, so like yea the potus 🙄 um told us to like go down there. " as he looks down to the left [Body language shows LIES] So if someone told you to jump off a cliff 🤔 you would? Trump never said to attack along with the undercover cia and FBI boys . What a farce.

  2. I don't know what basically means..
    The whole thing is ridiculous, i heard the testimony about Trump grabbing the steering wheel and fighting the secret service, its impossible to do that from the back seat.
    I believe Biden got over 80 million votes, but rest assured he didn't get 80 million voters, big difference

    The good thing is when Trump runs it won't happen again, i don't think you can fool him twice.

    PS He is running, just had his 757 fully updated, you can see pictures on YouTube, in the back window you can see the Trump 2024 logo

  3. now you can see why we had a civil war to get away from the way shitlibs try to lie cheat steal the way they used black slaves to do their dirty work and run this country . YES THE DEMS ARE THE KKK research your history PATRIOTS

  4. Yeah, I'd vote for Desantis in a heartbeat. Not so much Trump. He's already 76 years old. We don't need another senile President. Plus (and much MUCH worse) he's a corporate billionaire, a member of the very tribe that has been fucking the world over forever.

  5. "We decided to March to the capital bc Ray Epps told us to go" since they went after Tim and salty, they lost even more people who believed some of the lies




  7. The second Desantis runs he will be enemy number one to the administrative state. They are preparing hoaxes, fraud and hit pieces as we speak. Mark my words…

  8. Oh that senator from Oregon has a serious lisp.. can't they find people without speech impediments and learning disabilities for these positions?

  9. The USA is NOT a democracy (Constitutional Republic); democratic is NOT a party (Democrat party). The only reason you're still on YouTube is you tow the socialist propaganda. Your articles are cursory at best…….

  10. Protesters were already in the Capital BEFORE Trump mentioned marching peacefully to make your voices heard. Democrats have always been liars and frauds, just look at Biden, a life-long sellout and treasonous crook.

  11. 2016 Democrats:

    Voting machines bad. They can be easily hacked.

    2020 Democrats:

    Voting machines good. No way they can be hacked.

    🖕 FJB

  12. You got to have a high living expense to keep asking donation or join when the kick back on the number of viewers is way above medium class earnings so what's up with that! Is the site not paying you by views as they use to?

  13. What flaws exactly does Trump have Mark heat completely shut down the Border completely stopped the war came up with the virus best country in the world best economy in the world knows how to do with China knows how to deal with Ukraine knows how to deal with Putin knows how to handle Global strategic military problem situations and the other De Santos is a local boy Trump will treat him like his son Mark really get on the level bro you let me down on this one

  14. It's funny how the demonrats even admit that they have a big fat nothing on Donald Trump but are simply trying to keep up the false noise in order to make him "unelectable". Lying pieces of $hit.

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