New Study CONFIRMS COVID Vaccine Affecting Women’s Menstrual Cycles, CDC Says NOT To Worry

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  1. Briefly? The numbers are totally fudged. There's a significant minority having awful problems but the average hides it. They're rolling kids and post menopausal women into the statistics to make it seem less severe

  2. Did the drop in birthrate coincide with areas which had more severe lock downs, and increased rates 9f depression and suicide?

    Are the numbers generic (national) or is there a regional breakdown as well?

  3. Me: I’m bleeding abnormally
    Cdc: oh, that’s normal
    Me: I know my body & it’s not normal
    Cdc: you’re fine, we’ve studied it
    Me: can you show me the studies
    Cdc: No. Shut up and get the jabs
    Me: 😏

  4. What they're NOT saying, is that postmenopausal women are reporting that they have started menstruating, again, and that premenstrual girls, are getting periods. Also, normally menstruating women, are missing their periods. Elite banker-class, wealthy people, are wanting to reduce the population of useless eaters. Once again, ALEX JONES WAS RIGHT!!!

  5. There's very few people my age that I know who have kids or even want them. I could buy a decent cart of groceries if I had a dollar for every time I've heard a variation of 'ewww, kids are yucky!'

  6. This was the very first adverse reaction I started hearing about when the jabs began. I have a hormonal imbalance that caused me a ton of misery with periods in my teens. I know what that's like and it fucked with my life majorly. I am now on meds for it that work great but this was the initial reason I waited on the jab. Now we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg of vaccine injuries that this shit causes. Which Tim still refuses to talk about

  7. CORONA will simply just keep mutating into new variants. Variant mutations are the virus attempting to survive against threats like vaccines. The VACCINES cause mutations, not the absence of. Viruses are DNA factories, and left to their own they create themselves….. their own DNA. But challenged, the viruses which create the same DNA are less likely to survive. So the viruses which create slightly different DNA have a much better chance to propagate than the challenged ones. THIS is the source of ALL the CORONA variants, past and future ones. These mutating genes help the virus survive. It is called EVOLUTION!!!! We are giving the virus the advantage by letting it evolve while as human beings we are refusing to. Darwin's theory works at ALL levels life…. whole animal.. all the way to the microbes and cells which make up an animal. Evolution, even that of a virus, will ALWAYS take the path of least resistance.

  8. This is all wrong sjwmbisligsnginp said that gender dose not matter it is how you fell and all medicine are created equal for everyone that testing on one gender is biased

  9. That chick is absolutely fuckin lying as someone living through the repercussions of the father of my youngest child getting vaccinated. I am quite literally falling apart at the seams in terms of my body and the way it functions since he got vaccinated.

  10. And as a mother and partner…to all the other women out there. Your body ABSOLUTELY KNOWS NOT TO CONCEIVE. it's been the strangest thing to experience. My body ABSOLUTELY KNOWS not to conceive a baby with the father of my youngest whom has raised my older three children, since he got vaccinated. It's non negotiable. My body or soul knows better. I become physically ill when he tries to have adult time with me. And it has nothing to do with me loving him. I love him more than myself. My body quite literally just physically shuts down when he tries to initiate anything with me. My body knows he's tainted. The only way I can explain it. So much so I vomited twice after trying to fool around and please him. And I'm not the type to have a weak stomach, sorry for the details. It just scared the hell out of me that my brain and body IMMEDIATELY said no, I don't think so, we will NOT be ingesting that. Not once but twice

  11. My first cycle after getting COVID was the worst in years. I am not vaxxed. A virus that affects blood coagulation would do that. I wonder if there any studies on the cycle after having covid and no vax. I know another women said the same.

  12. It's massively easier to reduce fertility than to increase it, which is why a "conspiracy" to increase fertility is especially nonsensical. The obverse is not necessarily so.

  13. The thing is there's hardly information or studies about women with diseases like endometriosis as it is… and you throw in a vaccine that affects menstrual cycles… there's no studies on what the vaccine will do to women with Endo.

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