3AW Drive has been alerted to the proposed levy from an “inside source” who said the new fee would impact a large chunk of drivers.

“Anybody who has a car with an engine displacement bigger than two liters will be paying this levy,” Tom Elliott said on Tuesday.

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  1. So my mum, most of my family could never afford even the cheapest electric car… Let alone something big enough for my sisters to fit husband and children in…

  2. How many construction workers voted labour….even after being mandated? Now they get to pay an engine tax on their Ford Raptors!!!!!!
    Keep voting Labour guys….well done

  3. 2:10 bullshit subsidies! We already pay TAXES that should be used to promote electric cars! And to build new charge points!! Enough everything coming out of slave a$$!! Even better give free electric car to every household let it come from billionaires or gov A$$ if they really care that much about "environment"

  4. Cant pull a trailer for work with a 2.0l ffs. Let alone a boat or caravan. Guess this is the end of the grey nomad lifestyle. Off to the euthanasia rooms as you've exceeded your carbon footprint credit and your productivity is not viable for resources spent on you. Goodnight. 🤣 🤣 🤣

  5. Agenda 21/30 right on target. They want you out of your cars. There are developments in Melbourne where you are not permitted to own a car to own an apartment. There is an estate in south-east Melbourne where you must have a bike room in your new home – live/work/play in your home environment.

  6. The next thing they'll have is the EV fire tax everytime one catches fire and the firemen can't put it out. People are ridiculous if they don't tell Danny hunchback to shove this where the sun don't shine.

  7. Makes sense, push people to EV's, then hit them with an EV tax (just like the UK and now Western Australia)

    When will the people rise us… We are many, they are few!!!

  8. Just a joke – how eco friendly is the mining of battery raw materials, copper for cables etc. – and the actual generation of electricity to charge the damn things. Wake up guys, it's a scam on a huge scale – brainwashing you could call it.

  9. Watch unreg offences increase, it will get to the point were the masses simply wont give a damn for the corporate cabal and its insidious agenda/s.
    Ghandi did/said it best, simply don't comply and say no, in Australia, "force" against ones will in law is considered a crime.

  10. So people in rural areas will be even harder hit for driving a 6 cylinder car to cover the distances they need to drive. Our old place was 70K's of rough roads from the nearest supermarket. These days it's just 35K's and we drive a 4 instead of a 6 cylinder car. Vote for the major parties or Greens and this will only get worse.

  11. Scomo was all for electric in line with WEF UN agenda Don’t like the way current vehicle owners are being hit with this”penalty” Where’s Pauline she was right the Greens are psycho

  12. The truth is its not about gas or electric. The electric cars they will be able to limit how far you can travel end of story. Were too free when we can fill up our tank with gas and drive 800 miles. We will leave all the locked down dem states and move to florida where we drag race cars if we were too free.

  13. What a joke for labour to hit the average Jo with a new tax its not like anyone can afford a new car even with labours promise of a 5% pay rise that you will never see in your pocket or at all.

  14. Just stop registering your car. We have got to stop obeying unstable, weak "leaders". When we stand together they don't have a chance, they are scared shitless of us, and we cower.

  15. Most americans will simply not pay this. Even if they try to add the bill to a yearly registration, people will just stop registering their cars and driving them anyways. The cops can't arrest millions, and that is how many will be driving without paperwork.

  16. Yeah but you'll all return Labor back in at the election.
    Your not shooting yourselves in the foot, you're shooting yourselves in the head.
    Way easier pounding the keyboards isn't it, and achieving nothing.

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