New Tucker Carlson Revelations Explain What’s Going On With Fox News and Him Being Fired

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  1. This is what comes of putting women into the workplace and positions of power. Women are fascists and socialists by nature.Your founding fathers knew this and wisely forbade them from voting and curtailed other rights they couldn’t properly handle.

  2. I am pretty sure that Tucker does not work in the office at the FOX News studio. He has his own set up away from there. She is just looking for her15mins of fame and the libs are willing to find these people and pull out all the stops.

  3. Pretty simple he obviously is going to come out with his own thing and it’s gonna be bigger then anything out there they won’t be able to stop him he’s gonna be even more raw so they are trying to slander him before it comes out but most of us don’t give a fuck if you are misogynistic we just want the truth 😂 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 go tucker!!!

  4. Murdoch is all about money, follow the money, impending lawsuits and the sale of Fox News. This woman producer also deflated three inflatable Christmas trees in the office because she found them offensive. Meagan Kelly says that Tucker produces his shows at home so there's no way this producer could have recorded him at work.

  5. I bet they come after you next. You speak truth and they can't have that. I watched Alex Jones they came after him, I watch Tucker they came after him, your next bro. Your part of my 3 major news guys I watch.

  6. So it's true libshits can't quit soyfacing about garbage capeshit movies so much that they literally see themselves as the heroes trying to kill evil villains. This explains a lot.

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