New vaccine mandate in NYC & why my business is NOT complying


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Written by Louis Rossmann


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  1. The vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting or transmitting covid. No coronavirus vaccine has ever worked in terms of preventing contagion or transmission. The manufacturers have legal immunity if their product harms you. You will have to get boosters every 6 months or so forever if you start the vaccine process. For these reasons, I will not be taking this experimental medical treatment. I am not anti-vaccine, as long as the vaccine prevents contagion and transmission and actually provides lasting immunity. I have taken many vaccines, but I won't be taking this one.

  2. No, Louis. They don't trust you on vaccinating themselves solely on the fact that they distrust politicians. They feel as if they've watched you long enough, that they can see, understand, and relate to your thought process. Unlike any politician out there. That's more of a compliment to you, than an insult to politicians

  3. Thumbs up because you have a decent gym, I’ve gotten a membership and they say nope, you’re not vaxxed, you signed the package ? Oh too bad we can’t wavier off

  4. Got the shot, ended up with a heart attack, and you are still recommending the shot. The stupidity in this country is at an all time high. The CDC and the W.H.O. said that the shot doesn't prevent the spread. This is a war between the rich and the poor you slow mf's.

  5. Louis your argument is horse shit.

    IF, big IF, they mandate the booster —- It's going to be based of your doctors recommendation . Do you think his Dr is going to recommend it after he already had adverse affects????

    also, if you don't have the vaccine by now… you weren't going to get it anyway.

  6. Much respect for this. I sincerely hope your business continues to grow and respect how reasonable you are regarding the situation your find yourself in.

    Your concern for your employees is genuinely wonderful to see, given how little concern is shown for the individual all too often.
    Even more so given that you suggest talking to your doctor rather than blindly asserting that one should just get the shot – politicians are seldom medical professionals, after all. Better to consult with your GP than go on blind faith.

    This rationality is a gift, and it helps give me a little more faith in humanity to see it.

  7. People who have a reaction to the vaccine are exempt from taking further shots, you don't have to push any vaccines on them anyways.
    Now what I see is businesses not willing to comply with the mandate, sure, but what's the alternative? If you don't comply and the numbers are still low, you do you. But what if the numbers keep getting higher and higher like over here in Germany? Will you then be okay with another lockdown?

    Over here we have the security personnel check my Vaccine + ID + Less than 24h Negative Test + Registering online, and they check all these thoroughly. How does that sound to you? Or you could also say you won't comply with that either. Fine, you still do you. But then again, what is the alternative? The alternative is overburdening the hospitals, that's would be a disaster. These measures are not to inconvenience people for the sake of it, they are there because the alternative is the literal worst case scenario.

  8. I also refuse to participate in this kind of divided Papers Please mandated society. Our two tier society in my state is supposed to end on Dec 15th (already been delayed from Dec 1st). If they don't honor this, then it's going to get ugly.
    You are right that people automatically call you and anti-vaxxer and anti-science if you dare speak out against mandates or a two tier Papers Please society. I will not be intimidated or silenced on this, we all need to demand that this ends. There will be one right side of history here, and it ain't the mandate Papers Please crowd. You can be pro vaccine and anti-mandate, and people should do so with pride and without fear.
    Most people do not realise the courage it takes for a public figure like Louis to stand up and say this, and he has my full respect.

  9. Jesus, if I was that guy who got his heart Grinched because his wife forced him to take the vax I'd lay into her forever over it. Every single little argument I'd bring it up.

  10. The reason I never got the jab was because I knew it wouldn't end there. And it hasn't. They reached "herd immunity" but still want lockdowns and boosters. There was no carrot. Only stick. What's the difference? None

  11. The fact that anyone in your shop had an adverse reaction is pretty terrifying. In terms of medical issues that's an absolutely tiny sample size. So give 40 people the vaccine and 1 has a heart attack?. Jesus.

    Edit: 14 people actually.

  12. Vaccinating people who have already had it is the peak of stupidity. If you've had it you already have an adaptive broad spectrum memory cell immune response far superior to the narrow spectrum antibody response the "vaccine" induces.

  13. Hmm… has my comment been deleted? The link I cited was to a properly paper on a legit medical journal , not an antivaxer junk… 😀 Anyway, I do appologise if it violated the rules on this channel – I will be more careful from now on 😉

  14. its odd we dont ever hear about these type of adverse effects on the main stream media.

    also I haven't gotten vaxed simply because i feel like i cant trust anything when it comes to covid. its all been so politicized, and politics isnt known for its transparency. im only 32 and have had some sever health issues in my life including epilepsy and a heart attack at 21. im just scared the vaccine could make things worse. its all so confusing and it seems like everyone is lying.

  15. Thanks for thinking for the people that wants a choice on whether or not to get the shot, Louis. The kneejerk reaction to call someone an anti-vaxxer just becausr they have doubts is rather extreme so it's nice to see reasonable decisions. Stay strong and I hope your affected employee gets better soon!

  16. You shouldn't feel disgusted that you have sway over people. When someone respects someone they are more willing to do things because they think you probably put their feelings and well being into consideration.
    Its a shame your employee got messed up but he probably got the vaccine because he respects your opinion on things.

  17. There appears to be a correlation between failure to aspirate prior to injection to make sure the vaccine doesn't go in a vein and myocarditis reactions that doctors have posted about but which public health officials ignore, refute without evidence, or gloss over. Respect for not being an autocratic tool and for being what sounds like a damn good boss!

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