New Vaccine That Spreads Like A Virus?

For years researchers have been working to develop vaccines that can replicate viruses in transmission to allow vaccinated individuals to spread the vaccine via airborne particles, fighting viruses at their own game. Now vaccines in this form are within science’s reach, but are they really the panacea for stopping viral infections?

Jimmy ponders the possibilities in this clip.

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  1. progressives and conservatives need to join forces and deal with our problems and when that is done we should split this country up. We can be allies and trade with each other but neither of us should be forcing our way of life on the other.

  2. this sounds like i get to sue healthcare companies for infecting me with shit against my will and the start of I Am Legend. No doubt these researchers are so ethical it will “accidentally” leak for the “good” of humanity

  3. Already did it if they are talking about it… probably what "omicron" was…
    Still haven't gotten vaxed, tested, or gotten sick… I have been working in person the entire time, going out regularly without masks in crowded bars and restaurants, Been traveling… just in the us ofcourse.

  4. They're attempting to play God…God isn't amused & the backlash of this Frankenstein God playing will be the end of the human race.. Maybe the developers will pass away in their mad labs. Let's hope there's a quick exit for these " God pretenders"

  5. "In the wake of corona virus (read: cold) pandemic"…again coverage skewed by media…In Fact: This technology has been in development for at least 20 years…The tech is referred to as a 'Trans Vax' or 'transmissible vaccines'…one example of the research can be found from University of Idaho in a working group from 2016 who state "We develop theories on the development of transmissible vaccines…"…whose members went on to publish papers such as "Evolution and containment of transmissible recombinant vector vaccines"…

  6. So they created a new virus that kills the first created virus. Its like the Children's book the King the mice and the cheese. The King has a mouse problem so he hires cats ,then has cat problem hires dogs, and on and on until he ends up with the mice again. same shit as it ever was

  7. How is this anything other than forced vaccination without consent? I'd say it's both illegal and unconstitutional, but it's clear now that nothing is illegal or unconstitutional for the corporate government.

  8. This is what vaccines have been since they were invented. Infecting someone in a controlled way with the virus weakened or deadend or a similar illness that would transfer those immunities to the more serious illness. Also makes me think of chicken pox parties.

  9. So , ie ; release a virus like omicron . A mild version of cv19 which we're now being encouraged to contract to help our immunity .
    All this is starting to sound bonkers . I think we are the rabbits ! Anybody spare a carrot ?

  10. um, what do you think they've been doing these last two years? (psst, most of you were infected by a vaxxxed individual.) you'd never have knowingly taken something like that, willingly ingested something so unnecessarily twisted… so you had to be 'encouraged' to take it. (see "fortified") but, now that we're confirming the promised transitory effects of the gmo-therapy won't be as temporary as the salesmen claimed, it's important you don't forget… it was you who agreed to take it, to make the deal, so to speak, so don't complain when the permanent effects begin to manifest themselves. nobody made you take it. it wouldn't help to complain anyway. your betters know best, and they have legal immunity.

  11. It is okay, I am sure they have their best interests in mind as lucky lottery winners in the capitalist system. Intelligence too low to properly imagine what such things could do and yet egos too big to not do them.

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