New Video Emerges Showing This Is ORGANIZED Insurrection, We Are Entering Full Civil War Territory

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Written by Timcast

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  1. As a clinical neuropsychologist, @Timcast, I am so happy that you have mentioned that people who get "knocked out" for a long time are experiencing a prolonged loss of consciousness that means they have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Their lives and those of their loved ones will never be the same.

    I tell everyone, including my patients, who are sick and tired of biased reporting, that they need to watch you. You are what reporters should strive to be like.

  2. The guy with the sword didn't just charge at protestors. The so called protestors were throwing rocks and threatening him. They used racist violent language and when he had enough and tried to defend himself, ONE MAN ALONE, against 10-12 violent thugs, they tried to murder him. Medieval style.

  3. The blue states have stood down purposely letting this spiral out of control, thus forcing a civilian or military response. the far left problem will require a far right solution. May The odds be ever in your favor.

  4. Between now and the election, the Left will continue its use of tactics designed to destabilize the government. Using widespread voter fraud, the Left will steal the election, keeping control of the Congress and gaining control of the Senate and the Presidency. Once they are in control, the Left will move the Country rapidly toward "socialism." In the face of massive give-away programs on a scale never before seen, the economy will rapidly deteriorate. The world economy will follow, sliding into depression as supply chains fail and famine becomes universal. As people reach the point of desperation, the Antichrist will appear, in the guise of a "Leader" who, using food as her incentive, will seek to unify the world's peoples in a classless Marxist society.

  5. The 2nd Civil War, started by leftists liberals and democrats.
    Tim, maybe you should change your political views and stances.

  6. Even the Chicago mayor said it's not about just George, but about 400 YEARS of 'the original sin'…. Seriously. You're not gonna get support that way!!

  7. How do you call a military lockdown "far right" when conservatives just protested the soft lockdown? All extreme government authoritarianism in the US is from the left! Conservatives might want the help restoring order right now, but then we'll want it gone or we'll be right back out there with our guns again!

  8. Antifa are the most fascist organization judging by their actions in existence today. The police should arrest all antifa cohorts as soon as they break cover, who are antifa? All those wearing masks hiding their identity.

  9. This video vanished from my feed, had it queued to watch yesterday and then today it was gone. I had to come and find it, I thought it may have been erased. Bit suspicious….

  10. Why does the narrative blacks feel they are owed something always come up? That's a complete lack of knowing black history period.
    Very uneducated view.

  11. You loot from a shop and you're killing a shop, then you're killing an income that supports a family, no matter the race of that family.

    So you're free $200 worth of stuff and other things was one part of a whole looting that costs $millions and on top of that $thousands in damages, you've lost a shop that was the heart of a community, you'll never replace that, you've pushed a family into financial uncertainty and thus into trouble……I hope that it was worth putting a family into the poor house to have free stolen stuff, it's not to me, especially as I work hard for all I own and support the heart of my community, be it a small family store or charity shops.

    This has to end, that federal agent could have had young children, you've taken a parent away from young children, you've taken an income away that supports them, you've halved the love they used to get, you've made another parent struggle because of your selfish and messed up ideology, I hope you're happy as this was a vile act, this was cold blooded murder.

  12. Twitter is a left wing extremist platform. They ban anyone who disagrees with them. Stop going to them for information. They only show you leftist extreme mentality.