NEW Video Shows Amber Heard Cheating Johnny Depp & LAUGHING!

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  1. Let me know what you think!

    Let me know whatcha think of the video without a border… I'm trying to always improve quality…

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  2. She's a vile piece of garbage! This poor man just lost his mother and his money. I'm sure he's more upset about his mother passing away because he's a good man. I truly hope she gets what she deserves in the end. She's beyond disgusting and should be locked up.

  3. Sheʻs a case study (Sociopath/Psychopathy/Mental illness) and discredited real victims

    She couldʻve murdered him
    Men can be victims too Prayers to Johnny Depp

  4. This is just going to continue to set him up out of content as a bad guy. Even when he discovers the phone video , he does not grab her by the throat and push her backward or break the wine bottle over head. He tries to grab the phone and leaves the room while she is smiling. No such event could have taken place and for ratings. He could have a placed a table for two with food and momosa' s in a field of sunflowers and the the video would be, Johnny has clearly gotten Amber in a secluded area with food and drink to draw killer bee' s to form an attack. You can tell he has a protective hat and long sleeves and pants while poor Amber is in a strapless sundress with face and head exposed. Another attempt by Johnny to abuse poor Amber. Devil Boy ?????

  5. Yeah Johnny Depp is innocent Amber Heard needs to be in prison for lease about for life because she's always been charged once and been won by a judge for abusing her X girlfriend Kate Moss so I do something is wrong

  6. She is cruel…. his mother died, he lost 650 million, she is a nightmare being cruel , and she is a cheat and a thief , she is a liar and a narcissist.

  7. I’ve done some shitty things to guys I dated…in my teens/early 20’s…but accusing someone of abuse, as an adult, with no basis in reality is truly evil. I don’t care what a partner does, false accusations like that are never an option. If I was married to a dude, found out he was cheating on me with one of my best friends or something, yes, I’m sure I would do SOMETHING in return. Send a picture of him naked to his mother and friends possibly? IDK, I most likely would just get the hell away from him. Of course I make sure I had proof and retain the best attorney in my area. I would want him responsible for all legal/court costs if he did me dirty. Otherwise I don’t understand people who try to cause serious harm to someone they once loved.

  8. If she cared at all why johnny was mad wouldn't you ask honey you OK you need to talk am here if you want to not film him to show he likes a drink and he didn't touch her what does he do walk away look Amber he walks away and when he does she follows him with her phone whats wrong with that woman

  9. omg she finds so many ways to set him up hiding a camera false youtube videos and lies after lies and when ever Johnny Depp and his team find the truth she tries to cover up herself to protecter herself and completely blames everything on Johnny Depp why didn't anyone see that coming

  10. She the most outrageous Bxxxh
    I've ever seen. Your right what is she doing as a wife to comfort him Nothing. She stands there making him feel worse.When my husbands Grandparents died I was there crying with him, hugging him. Asking what can do for him. Do you need anything.Holding him rubbing the back of his head and neck to calm him. She a Bxxxh making him madder. Taping him making him feel like shit and thinking this is great I finally got him! Not showing 1 ounce of concern for someone she's supposed to LOVE. JOHNNY got a raw deal.I don't believe that she loved him to begin with,! She already got what she wanted from him A RIDE INTO TINSLE TOWN ON JOHNNY'S COAT TAILS! SHE WOULDN'T KNOW LOVE IF IT BITE HER ON HER ASS!!!